Purfylle: June 2014

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Crochet creations

Remember how I said I was going to crochet some hairnets to find the right design for Eleanor's caul? Well I have been crocheting snoods, varying the sizes, getting distracted by extant boudoir caps, making beanies because it's cold, had a few 'that's not right' moments and I've learnt a lot.

crochet snoods, Juliet caps, bonnet

Pillow Lace Cushions

Before I could make my own bobbin lace kit I had to decide what type of pillow lace cushion I wanted.

Bobbin and Lacin' Around

Bobbin Lace has always intrigued and intimidated me.  It just looks soooo complex and the one book I do have that explains how to do bobbin lace gave me the impression there would be lots of counting stitches.

I don't like counting stitches which is why I have never knitted anything more complex then a scarf. I get distracted and forget where I am. Anyway, I was convinced that bobbin lace making was difficult and I would never learn how. This is the story of  how wrong I was.

Flannelette Tampico Inspired Bustle

I'm quite pleased with the final results from the flannelette version of the Tampico style bustle.