Purfylle: July 2014

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"All The Stuff" - clutter is stealing my craft time

I am overwhelmed with clutter. There is so much cleaning and sorting to be done I struggle with how to face it. I have to clean and sort every time I want to craft. Eventually I said 'Enough!' and begun to de-clutter.

I've learned a lot about de-cluttering since I began to tackle 'All The Stuff'. Here are some things I wish I knew when I first began the de-cluttering process.

Caul - how many bobbins was that?

It's taking forever but my first plaited caul is nearly finished. I keep running out of bobbins and have to finish off sections so I can use the bobbins in other sections.

Caul progress

I'd spent a few days thinking about some of the problems that needed to be solved to make Eleanora's caul and having come up with some possibilities it was time to give them a try. So yesterday I made a pricking for a full sized version and got started. I tried to add beads for the first time, however I wasn't happy with the result and decided I should make my caul without beads and test some of my other ideas first.

New lace bobbins and cookie pillow

I love it when the postman brings me presents, its even better when those presents are from my lovely man.

The timing couldn't be more perfect, as I've got my

Why bobbin lace and not net?

At the end of my previous post are images from two of the Bronzino portraits of Eleanora di Toledo showing the incredible details Bronzino painted of her cauls and partlets.

In the famous portrait of Eleanora and her son Giovanni, the mesh of her caul and partlet seems to be made of a plaited braid.

Trying Valenciennes Net Ground

In my last post I talked about why I think bobbin lace techniques were used to make Eleanora's cauls. 
Here are my first attempts to make the same net - I had to wait until I had made enough bobbins, I have used 10 pairs here.

Not too bad for a first attempt, the meshes are too big, about a square inch, and I'm not happy with the intersections.

Bobbin Lace Inspiration

You already know that Eleanora's caul influenced me to learn bobin lace but I want to share with you some of the extant garments that also inspired me.

Stunning green silk doublet is purfylled (embellished) in embroidery and bobbin lace. The bobbin lace braid is a fairly simple design worked with both narrow and thick threads with small picots down one side. The braid is used to edge the embroidery design which is worked on silk strips then applied to the velvet doublet.

BBQ to Bobbins

I didn't really know how many bobbins I was going to need for the types of lace I wanted to make.

Roller to Bolster

small bobbin lace roller pillow

A handspan into making my first braid on the small roller pillow I realised it was not the right kind of pillow for the type of laces I intended to make which would be primarily long simple braids.

I didn't have enough bobbins to make the whole pattern, you can see where the pins were stuck in and the parts that didn't get touched. Making the first braid I learnt that sand is not a good stuffing because it will not hold your pins steady, although it does have a nice weight to it which helps keep your cushion from rolling.

Crochet Motifs

Now that I have bored you silly with sand bags here's some crochet motifs I've been learning over the last couple of days.  I found them all on Youtube, here are two of my favourite channels: lots of leaves and flower tutorials , and yarn scrap Fridays, unfortunately I didn't capture where I got all of the motifs from.
flower motifs, flat and 3D

Lace Pillow - first attempt (image heavy post)

To make my roller pillow I started with the cardboard core that some bamboo yarn had come wrapped around and used that as the basis for my template.