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Catching Up - week in review

I wanted to share whine about some of the things that impact upon (not) blogging about exciting and interesting creative projects.


Since last week

Maintenance Monthly

In keeping with the changes to the blog I'm going to try something new, committing to a Monday monthly blog post.... *gasp* me, actually keep to a regular writing schedule??? Well, I'm going to give it a go. I'm calling it Maintenance Monthly, because realistically I can manage one post a month with a dedicated topic, but weekly? Nope, not realistic. Just to illustrate, I started writing this post last Monday....umm, yeah. Initially I thought it would be great to link up with the 'Monday Blog' bonanza on G+ but then the reality of my actually sticking to a weekly commitment of  that magnitude made me reconsider. I mean you want to see other posts in between right?

So why Maintenance Monday Monthly?

Embroidery or Lace?

Le Pompe Lace 16thC lace renaissance bobbin lace
Marguerite de Valois, ca. 1563
Francois Clouet
 Musée Condé, Chantilly

I have always loved the trim on Margurite's gown and always assumed it was

A moment of honesty - a really long image free post

When I started this blog I knew it was going to be hard for me to keep at it. I think I've done fairly well, for me anyway, at adding new posts at reasonable intervals. I've worried that they are boring and there hasn't been enough project progress, especially lately as creating has taken a bit of a back seat whilst I expend my energies elsewhere. I try to do the things I've read about that bloggers are supposed to do like not write too much in one blog. Always add at least one photo, but not too many. Maintain some kind of continuity, try to be fun and light hearted and...and...and...

Caul - the final stretch

The ends are tied off enough to be able to turn the net over and see how the pearl beads look. I still need to secure the ends a little better and trim them all off but I couldn't wait to show you how it's turned out.