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1585 Geometric Bobbin Lace Design

Portrait of A Lady, ca. 1585 (Unknown Artist) Bowdoin College Museum of Art
A Lady, ca. 1585 (Unknown Artist) Bowdoin College Museum of Art
Gold on white is so striking. This 1585 portrait is covered in gold purfylling and the result is very effective.

Why Blogger Randomly Publishes An Edited Post To Today's Date

Geri the wonder dog's response to unexpected blog date changes

Why Blogger? Why?

A few times I've gone back to improve photos or fix a typo on old posts. Sometimes they update just fine. But sometimes Blogger decides to re-date the post to today's date and leave my archives in a mess. WHY?

How to make a bobbin lace bolster pillow

I dismantled my makeshift bolster pillow for parts.

dismantled bolster bobbin lace pillow

Here's a photo of it all unrolled with the blue cover fabric on the bottom, then thin green blanket, the bath sheet and the milo tin.

That's my phone and a bobbin for size referencing because I didn't have a banana on hand.

The pillow core

To make my permanent bolster pillow I used a bit of storm drain pipe we bought as an off cut from some crazy boy shop that sold lots of tubes and stuff used in building houses and gardens and whatever. The pipe is the core of the bolster.

A cleaning schedule?

cleaning kit - vinegar and cloth

I'm not a minimalist

Ever since we moved into this old house I've struggled to keep it presentable under control and it just got worse over time.

I started with this shelf full of stuff......

shelf full of stuff everywhere
I actually faced the sewing room today and made a leeetle teeny bit of progress.

I started with this shelf full of stuff that had been dumped there instead of being put away. Who would have done that!?

Meet the family

I tried really hard to get some decent photos of our fur, feather and fin family today so I could introduce them all to you. 

Instead your getting these shots. 

The time has come...

I've been working hard on the blog.

Since the start of September I've been bringing you a new post 5 days a week and I just love it!

It takes more time then you might think to manage a blog and it's time the blog started paying for itself.

That means I'll be adding an affiliate link here and there.

But I don't want to just put up any old affiliate link. Nah-unhEvery time time I see the '1 great tip for losing weight yadda yadda yadda' I

Le Pompe Lace Project Complete

I was dithering about what to do with the incomplete Le Pompe lace project that was all curly.

But I needed the bobbins to finish caul v.2 and I needed to dismantle the bolster so I could make the bigger better bolster.

In the end I decided I would do just a little bit more on it to see if making the plaits a little looser had much of an effect on the curling. The lace had also been pinned in place for umm, well since last time I blogged about it.

I was looking forward to finding out if

Moda a Firenze 1540-1580 - A Must Have Book!

Moda a Firenze 1540-1580: Lo stile di Eleonora di Toledo e la sua influenza

Moda a Firenze 1540-1580 Lo stile di Eleonora di Toledo e la sua influenza is one of my most prized books and an absolute must have reference book for 16thC Florentine costume.

Moda a Firenze 1540-1580 Lo stile di Eleonora di Toledo florentine costume renaissance 16thC

It is brimming with amazing full size colour images.

How I Made a T-shirt Bath Mat

Last week I started this bath mat upcycle project from t-shirt yarn, so this week I thought I would share with you how I made it and how it turned out.

To make this bathmat I used:

How are Vintage, Vanilla and Decluttering related?

I was reading the comments on my favourite decluttering blog, A Slob Comes Clean, when this Dutch vanilla and cookie flavoured spread got mentioned way down in the comments. It just sounded so yummy I had to look up if there were any Dutch speciality stores in our area. 

There was, and it wasn't too far away. We decided we would go and check it out and ask about the spread. Then I promptly forgot about it (you know, because I have a memory like a sieve).

Well hubby remembered and on the weekend he hastened me out the door in my quickly thrown on daggy outfit that wasn't just around the house comfy stuff, but still included flip-flops, and as we were leaving the house I remembered to put this handbag and belt and some other items in the car to donate. 

Remnants or Rubbish?

decluttering fabric remnants scraps

Earlier this week I did some decluttering which included a laundry basket full to the top with remnants.

UFO's Have To Go

I am notorious for not completing projects. Today I did more decluttering and two, yes TWO, UFO's got discarded for good.

I should have got rid of them years ago but it's hard you know? Recently I had a bit of an ah-ha moment about how to declutter incomplete projects and today it really helped.

decluttered unfinished knitting project WIP UFO

Free Crochet Snood Patterns

When I tried my hand at snoods I used the 1942 'Perky Snood' instructions in conjunction with this video that uses the pattern in the below image from the chawed rosin.

 Perky Snood

Upcycle Project T-shirts to Bath Mat

upcycled T-shirt rag-rug crochet bath mat

I've got my decluttering momentum back but woke up today with the nasty 24 hour thing that hubby had yesterday. So even though I wanted to declutter I couldn't. What to do? A T-shirt upcycle project of course.

Caul v.2.2 Progress Update

I don't usually post on Saturday's because that's when I focus on my life instead of my blog.

But I couldn't stand the idea of yesterday's post being the one that was at the top for the whole weekend.

So today I'm giving you progress shots of caul v.2.2 (v.2.1 only got as far as the pricking)

Click here for all caul posts.

bobbin lace caul in wool

The proof is in the pictures - still more decluttering.

I was thinking you might not believe me when I tell you that my storage room and my sewing room are out of control because you haven't actually seen them....
cleaning kit wipes and gloves

Wool Gathering - Starting Caul v.2

wool wound bobbins

The bobbins are nearly ready for caul version 2.