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1927 Unmentionables

Today I'm bringing you an extant piece from the Purfylle collection. 

1927 Unmentionables

The Domino Effect

I ran out of day on Friday and I didn't get the bias binding stitched onto the red corset for HSM like I was supposed to, partly because I was lacking the motivation to unearth the sewing machine from all the stuff I've dumped on the sewing table whilst decluttering.

Over the weekend instead of getting the sewing machine excavated from all the stuff, I moved a cabinet out of the sewing room which resulted in a chain reaction of relocating stuff.

Drama's of the Royal Seat

Not long before Christmas we replaced the throne room seat, you know the commode, comfort station, water closet, lavatory, loo, the toilet.

the seat that works

Black Cocky


ISO 200 | f 5.6 | 1/2000
lens 50-250mm | focal length 240mm

HSM January Challenge - Red Corset

The month is two thirds through already so it is about time I got to work on the Historical Sew Monthly Challenge for January.

Crochet Ripple Blanket

I was very naughty and started a new crochet project, my very first  ripple blanket!

crochet ripple blanket

10 Ways To Help Your Pets Cope With Hot Summer Days

10 Ways To Help Your Pets Cope With Hot Summer Days

Our pets rely on us for their well being. Knowing what your pets' needs are on hot days is not always obvious.

Here's some hot weather tips to help you and your pets to survive those crazy hot summer days. 

How to Make a Link Party Tracker

Why I Need A Tracker

As the blog is getting busier and busier I found I was losing track of what linky parties I had attended and those I hadn't and I definitely had no idea anymore of what post I'd linked to which party.

It seems many bloggers use spreadsheets or day planners to keep track of such things. I was relying heavily on email reminders and checking my Linky page to keep up with them.

The problem with that is that my time zone is UTC +8 and a lot of parties don't provide their start time in UTC time but in their own local time, if they provide a specific start time at all.

I find it's easy to make an error when converting time and so parties that said they started on a Wednesday might actually start on a Thursday for me, but I wouldn't go looking for them on Thursday because they weren't on my Thursday list.

Confused? Me too.

I needed to find a solution and I knew a spreadsheet or day planner wasn't going to provide me with everything I wanted.

50 Litres of Sewing Clutter - Part 4

It turns out that 50 litres of Sewing Clutter is a LOT. I don't even want to count how many boxes I still have to go through. Well this is the last few items from this box. I've saved the best for last. 

If you are wondering what else was in the box here's the links to the first 3 posts of 50 Litres of Sewing Clutter:
Part 1Part 2 Part 3.

ugly shirt UFO with no sleeves

Our Favourite Things Pinterest Pin Party 6

Welcome, Welcome all to the 6th Monthly
"Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party!"

How Doing Nothing Helped Declutter

Over the holiday period my old foot injury flared up and I was limping around doing more then I should until my foot and ankle were all swollen up and forced me to keep off my feet for a few days.

But this was a good thing. Why? How could that possibly be a good thing?

How doing nothing helped declutter

Crochet Blanket UFO

I have a crochet project that I started a few years ago....okay maybe closer to 10 years ago.

crochet UFO

50 Litres of Sewing Clutter - Part 3

50 Litres Of Sewing Clutter

Did you read Part 1 & Part 2 of 50 Litres of Sewing Clutter?

Do you want to know what else was in the box?

50 Litres Of Sewing Clutter Part 2 - Calico

A bit over a decade ago I studied Clothing Production Certificate III, because I wanted to know more about the standards and methods used for modern clothing as almost all of my sewing up until then had been for historical costumes.

It seems I kept everything from that course. *rolls eyes*

All the calico stuff in that 50 litre container I made as part of that course. (you might call calico muslin or unbleached cotton)

sewing clutter

50 Litres Of Sewing Clutter - Part 1

Remember my storage room?  I am working my way through everything box by box. The boxes are mostly 50 litre boxes. (that's about 13 US gallons)

A Winning Label

Purfylle has labels! Anyway I thought you might be interested to know how they turned out.

Back in November last year I was browsing through all the awesome crochet patterns and tutorials on Moogly. Of course I had to enter when I saw there was a giveaway for $50 gift code to use at Name Tapes and Labels. Getting labels was on my to-do list after all.


I was so surprised when Tamara from Moogly sent me the email in early December advising me I was one of the lucky winners! How exciting to actually win something, and something I really want too.

Historical Sew Monthly - The Plan

I'm participating in the HISTORICAL SEW MONTHLY this year.

For each challenge I intend to try and finish a work in progress rather then a new project.

Here's the list of challenges and my initial thoughts for what I will do for each challenge.

A New Groove For 2015

Get into the Groove

Today Hubby is back at work and it's time to get back into the groove of the weekly routine.

But I'm not going to just go back to the old weekly routine. It's a new year with new plans and goals, and 2015 needs a new schedule.

I need to fit a lot into my 2015 schedule.

It's A New Decluttering Year!

I'm starting 2015 off with decluttering. 

I decluttered the kitchen several times last year. Today I spent about 3 minutes going through again and getting rid of things that still haven't been used and probably should have been discarded on the first round. 

kitchen clutter

Happy New Year

1580 Scipione Pulzone or His Workshop (1550-1598) Portrait of a Young Woman