Purfylle: February 2015

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February HSM Wrap Up - Blue Challenge

At the start of the month I pondered what to make for the Blue HSM Challenge.

But did I stick to the plan?

1) Finish bustle UFO

I did not finish the bustle UFO.

However I did draft a pattern for the Woman's Bustle England, circa 1875 - LACMA and I made a mock-up. The pattern needs only a minor tweak.

Bustle English style 1875

Storage Table

This is what the cutting table looked like this morning.

cutting table

Edging Granny Squares

Have you been wondering what I did with those pink crochet granny squares?

granny squares stack


I've introduced you to the family before but you haven't really had a chance to get to know them.


You know Freki loves home cooked meals and playing ball. But there is so much more to know about this over excitable doggy.

What is it? Revealed!

I promised to tell you what the funny contraption does.

I really enjoyed everyone's guesses and although the guesses all suggested an extendable / foldable device for everything from sheet music to use in the bathroom none of them were correct.

Perhaps putting it together will help.

wool winder arms placed on top of the stand

My Sunday Shot 15

ISO 1600 | f 4.5 | 1/640
lens 17-70mm 

Our Favorite Things Pinterest Pin Party 7

Welcome, Welcome all to the 7th Monthly
"Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party!"

Two Bags Full

At the end of my post on 50 Litres Of Sewing Clutter my favourite comment was a push for me to get onto more decluttering.

And that's exactly what I've been doing.

Now I won't bore you with the endless details this time. Just a few highlights.

I dumped it all on the couch to show you how I've been going (what's left of it that hasn't hit the rubbish bin that is).


As there was so much interest in the carvings from My Sunday Shot 14 I decided to share some of the details of the carvings with you.

A Victorian UFO

Today I'm excited to introduce our guest author Rose Jones. Rose has very generously agreed to share with us a garment from her extant clothing collection.
Rose shares my passion for beautiful historic garments, and likes to attempt to recreate them in her free time. She is a biologist by day, with two cats and a dog who like nothing better than sitting, sleeping and playing all over her sewing.

A Victorian UFO (Un Finished Object)

This bodice is an oddly mysterious and emotive object. Unfortunately, any provenance it had is long lost.

Victorian Velvet Bodice - private collection

Must Have Camera Accessories

We've already covered where to start with a DSLR to get you taking nice pictures from day one with your fancy new camera. You're besotted. It's your latest love and you want to spoil it by buying it some great little accessories.

But there are sooo many to chose from! They all sound utterly indispensable, but which ones are the most important, the most valuable, you just don't know how you managed without them accessories?

must have camera accessories?

Sunday Shot 14

ISO 100 | f 4.5 | 1/250
lens 17-70mm 

What is it?

Do you know what this strange contraption is?

Fast Easy Box Pleats

I made a start on the Blue challenge for HSM this morning which is very exciting because the month isn't even half way through yet!

I cut out the tampico style bustle from the new fabric which I have in both Alice blue and a pale ivory. They are meant to be the same fabric however the ivory has a softer hand then the blue.

Easy Box Pleats

Wildflower Wednesday

ISO 400 | f 5.6 | 1/2500
lens 70mm

Curious as a Cathy

String Theory

Have you ever wondered about string theory?

Ada cat and a string tote bag


ISO Auto - 640 | f 5.6 | 1/320
lens 50-250mm | focal length 250mm

One Easy Way To Reduce Craft Clutter

Craft clutter has this way of creeping in

You get all your craft stuff organised into cute little containers and then you turn around and the evil pixies have come in the middle of the night and rearranged everything into pure chaos.

Things That Make You Go Ummm

Today I'm getting stuck into some cleaning and decluttering. It helps to clear the mental cobwebs. (I need to do the real cobwebs too.)

I mopped the floors and I've been working through the stubborn parts of the washing pile, those bits that seem to hang out in the bottom of the basket and never make it into the machine.....because they probably should be hand-washed or something. The things that make me go 'Ummmm, what should I do with this now?'