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HSM April - July

The last 4 months illustrate exactly why I was hesitant to participate in the Historical Sew Monthly. I haven't done a thing since March!

Actually that's not entirely true. I have unpicked all the last minute hasty stitching on the Big Froufy Costume and it is now awaiting me to make new stays so I can do a proper fitting.

I have also finished redoing the hooks and eyes on the Dorothea Maria Gown. The gown has also been cleaned although it still needs to be ironed and photographed properly.

Dorothea Maria Von Sulzbach style gown c1639 - complete and in need of an iron

Two Uses Tuesday Link-up 39

Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Friday at 11pm EST (3am  Saturday UTC).


I want to say a big Thank You to each and everyone of you for linking up each week. 

'Big Walks' Are The Best

Geri the Wonder Dog loves her purple outfit

Each week we go for a drive and take Freki and Geri for a 'big walk' somewhere with lots to sniff and smell. They know it's going to be extra fun when they have to put their 'big walk' outfits on.

My Photo Capture - Shot 34

ISO 400 | f 8 | 1/250
Pentax Q system lens 5-15mm

Little Crochet Granny Squares

I had this enormous cone of yarn, it was more then 12 inches wide. It didn't get a dust cover while it was in storage and it ended up rather icky.

I couldn't bring myself to just toss it even though it is a funny slubby cotton.

washed yarn, cardboard centre, wound ball, 40 granny squares

Two Uses Tuesday Link-up 38

Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Friday at 11pm EST (3am  Saturday UTC).

Party Tip!

Last week we asked if you make picture collages for your blog and if so which programme do you use. 

Well we won't keep you waiting, here are the top responses:

  • Picmonkey was hands down the most popular programme for making collages. 
  • Sarah likes to use Picmonkey and Canva.
  • Stella prefers Picasa offline/local.
  • Two Plus Cute shared The 8 best free online photo collage makers if you're interested in looking further afield. 

Black Cockatoos

Spool Knitting Tutorial

Spool knitter: also know as French Knitter, Knitting Nancy, a knitting doll or like mine, a knitting bee.

  1. loop around the first peg
  2. loop around the second peg
  3. loop around the third peg
  4. loop around the fourth peg
  5. wrap the yarn above the loop on the first peg
  6. insert your pointy-thingamy into the first loop 
  7. lift the first loop over the yarn wrap and off the peg with your handy yarn-lifting-doovalacky-whatsit-tool
  8. repeat steps 5, 6 & 7 on the next peg and then the next peg and so on.

Tips: tug on the yarn end that comes out the bottom every few loops. This helps to keep your project tensioned nicely and moving down through the centre of your knitting bee, errr spool, your knitting spool. 
Alternative Method

Instead of wrapping your yarn around the outside edge of your peg, loop the yarn around the same way you did in the first 4 steps. 

This gives a different finish to your project and it is easier to lift the loops over the peg.

Try alternating a row of wrapping around the peg and a row with the yarn looped on the outside of the peg. In the above picture all three finishes are shown. The top green cord is the first method and bottom green cord is the second, the black cord is alternating between the two methods. 

To Finish

To finish lift the loop from one peg to the next and lift the bottom loop over the top loop. 

Then lift that loop to the next peg and so on. For the final loop cut the yarn and pull it through the centre of the loop and your done. 

I decided to make a necklace with my spool knitting.

I tied a slip knot in one end to secure the ends together then plaited the three different cords types together, this gives a wonderful textural difference don't you think? 

Then I undid the slip knot and plaited the yarn ends together finishing off with a simple knot.  

Next: Learn to add beads to your spool knitting

10 Reasons To (Not) Keep Fabric Scraps

10 Reasons To (Not) Keep Fabric Scraps

If you've been here before you already know that my sewing room is swimming in stuff.

For those of you who are visiting for the first time I am determined to reduce my excess sewing and crafty things down to a point where I only have projects and items that I really want to spend my creative time on.

Hold Onto Your Nuts!

Loose nuts? How to hold onto your nuts

It's annoying when I go to open a drawer and the draw-pull ends up in my hand instead of the drawer actually opening. It's no big deal I just fanangle the drawer open and screw the silly nut back on, but that doesn't make it any less annoying.

Two Uses Tuesday 37

Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Friday at 11pm EST (3am  Saturday UTC).

Party Tip!

In Party 35 we asked if your post had a vertical pinable image. If you answered 'no' what can you do to fix that? Make a vertical collage instead!

Have you ever made a picture collage? What programme do you use to make yours? Let us know in the comments and leave a link to your favourite tutorial for making collages. 

Why all the pinterest tips? Find out soon on Two Uses Tuesday!

5 Don'ts of Decluttering

5 Don'ts of Decluttering, Some of these don'ts are even recommended by experts as must do's.

There are a few things to avoid doing if you want to be successful with your decluttering. Some of these DON'T'S are often recommended by experts as Must Do's.

Knitted Scarf With Beaded Fringe

Knitted scarf with beaded fringe in silver and dove grey with blue beads

A zillion years ago, or maybe even a bazillion I did a rather poor job of knitting a scarf and giving it a beaded fringe.

Two Uses Tuesday 36

Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Friday at 11pm EST (3am  Saturday UTC).

Announcement of the week: 

Decluttering - Where To Start?

Getting started with decluttering can be totally overwhelming. The decluttering experts will tell you again and again to "Start with the easy stuff".

But what is the easy stuff?

5 Inspiring Podcasts

Podcasts are great to listen to whilst doing stuff, I take my wireless speaker from room to with me while I'm doing house chores or decluttering, making them a more enjoyable task.

What I've been listening to this week:

Mouth Watering Wednesday

Lemon Meringue Pie
ISO 800 | f 8 | 1/250
Pentax Q system lens 5-15mm