Purfylle: How To Add Beads To Your Spool Knitting

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How To Add Beads To Your Spool Knitting

Today you will find me over at 2 Crochet Hooks where I show you how to use a spool knitter

  • learn how to use your spool knitter to make cord, 
  • learn how to make three different types of cord; and 
  • how to make a necklace with your finished cords.

2 Crochet Hooks
At 2 Crochet Hooks you will meet the lovely Millie and her awesome daughter Kristina, a brilliant mother-daughter team, sharing fun crochet and craft tutorials. Every month they host a new craft challenge, using different recycled materials and they also sell a whole bunch of unique crochet designs, including some really awesome kid costumes!

Once you've learnt how to spool knit you can start purfylling (embellishing) your cords with beads.

It's easy to do, here's how:

 1. Thread your beads onto your yarn before you start. 

2. Start your knitting as normal and once you've completed the first round you can begin to add beads.

3. Push a bead up your yarn to the space in-between spool pegs and then make the next stitch (or loop).

4. Push your next bead up, make another loop and so on.

It's important your beads are small enough to fit through the centre of your spool knitter.

Try adding beads every other stitch to get stripes of beads on your cord. 


  1. gotta have some bling eh? lol :) thanks for guest posting for us today!! you are so wonderful!

    1. I had an absolute blast, thanks so much having me over at yours :o)

  2. I absolutely love this! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you so much for bringing such a masterpiece to our party. I hope to see you tomorrow at 7 pm. We can't wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls

    1. You're the best! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this! But does that mean you have to cut your yarn to the measured length first?

    1. Not at all, you can keep going until you've run out of yarn but you do need to thread all of your beads on first.