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Crochet Granny Squares For a Baby Blanket

Crochet granny squares in lemon variegated yarn
Some of my readers may remember me talking about my sweet old neighbour before.  She is in her 70's and is now blind in one eye and loosing her sight in the other. These little lemon yellow squares are her handiwork. She started this sweet project many years ago and now she is unable to finish it.

Horsing Around

In early spring I asked hubby to stop the car so I could snap some photos of some baby animals we saw in a little hobby farm.

I was trying not to startle them when this horse spied me with the camera and came up as quick as you please and shoved his face in the lens.

When snacks were not forthcoming he gave up on me quickly enough.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank You!

Thanksgiving isn't something we celebrate here in Australia, however many of my blogging buddies do celebrate Thanksgiving and it seems like today is the perfect day to thank all of you for how much you have helped me find my blogging feet.

Is Fairy Squishing Lady Like?

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book - front cover

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book 

by Terry Jones

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book isn't for everyone, however if you've been contemplating what gift to get for a young fairy enthusiast this Christmas and you think it is time to broaden their perspective on fairy's, Angelica Cottington's book may be just what you were looking for.

Two Uses Tuesday 56

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Tip of the Week: 

Tip of the Week: Last week we talked about checking out how your site appears when using different web browsers. How'd that go?

Did you know that your site might render differently on different size screens (computer, tablet, cellphone)? It may even appear differently on different mobile devices! So go around the house and check out your site on all the devices in your house. Then the next time you're with your friends have them view your site on their mobile device.

Make sure you bookmark it for them too.

Onion Flower

An onion flower just about to bloom

Yesterday we were without electricity for most of the day.  Now that we've got some of our luxuries back, like hot water and digital devices that actually do fancy things instead of looking like a dull brick, my day has been full with catching up on stuff like doing the dishes, and having lots of fun filling my Pinterest boards with all the awesome stuff my bloggy friends have shared at Pinbellish.

Wrung Out

Antique clothes wringer
This morning we are without power. This means I can't access my photos on the shared drive and that I've got limited internet until my phone run's out of battery. Luckily I had a handful of shots still on an SD card.

Pinbellish 12: A Pinning Celebration

Welcome to Pinbellish!

A Pinning Celebration

Charming Crochet Motif

Several charming little crochet motifs came through on my Facebook feed by My Picot. One motif in particular grabbed my attention.

There was a chart pattern for it. I have never used a chart pattern before although it's been on my list of things to learn to do.

Fleur-de-lys Motif Crochet Pattern

Fluer-de-lys Motif Crochet Pattern
I thought I might crochet fleur-de-lys to use in Monday's post. However a bit of searching the interwebs in all the usual places showed up very few pattern options.

So I decided try my hand at developing my own fleur-de-lys crochet pattern.

Bushfire Season's Blazing Start

Back burning is vital to limiting the extent of damage caused by bush fires
I was intending to bring you a crochet pattern today in tribute to those lost in the Paris attacks. I couldn't bring myself to do so after the events of this morning.

At least four people have lost their lives in a huge bushfire that is still raging as I type this.

Two Uses Tuesday 55

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Tip of the Week: 

Did you know your site might not work 100% on all web browsers? Check how your site behaves on other web browsers - Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge (Windows 10), Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Vivaldi.
Are all your bells and whistles showing? Do your special fonts show up correctly? Once you've identified any issues, you can use Google Analytics to see how many of your viewers use the problem browser and evaluate how quickly you should find a fix.

What of the future?

Last week we took a minute to remember.

Wednesday 11th November 2015 

Remembrance Day

Thursday 12th November 2015

Beirut Bombings

Friday 13th November

Paris suffers co-ordinated terrorist attacks
Baghdad market truck bombing

Sunday 15th November

French airstrike against ISIS

What will the coming days bring?

Pinbellish 11: A Pinning Celebration

Welcome to Pinbellish!

A Pinning Celebration

What will you find at Pinbellish?

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We'll entertain you with weekly Pin Trivia.

Crimson Chat

This rather stunning little fellow is a Epthianura tricolor a.k.a. Crimson Chat, tricoloured chat, saltbush canary, and crimson-breasted nun. A reasonably small bird at 10-12 cms.

The male sports a bright crimson crown and breast to attract the ladies while the female wears more muted colours to keep well hidden from predators when nesting.

Remembrance Day 2015

Rosemary has been used to signify remembrance at least as far back as the 16th Century. 

Two Uses Tuesday 54

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31 Things in 31 Days - Day 31 Confession

I haven't thrown out any of it.

I've kept every last scrap.

31 Things in 31 Days - Day 31  Confession

Pinbellish 10: A Pinning Celebration

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A Pinning Celebration

Thanksgiving is nearly here!

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Western Australia Wildflowers - Hidden Beauty

This path is teaming with wild flowers if you look hard enough
This path is teaming with wild flowers if you look hard enough

Today I am thrilled to be opening this weeks Photo Friday as Jen's guest over at Pierced Wonderings.

Back-loop Chevron Crochet Throw

Large chevron crochet throw working into the back-loop to give a great textural effect.

Some of you may remember that in September I started working a back loop crochet project using this yummy yarn.

Yummy yarn makes for yummy finished crochet projects.

In some shots the yarn looks shiny (which it is) and others' it doesn't. 

This throw-rug has been finished for few weeks now but I couldn't show you until after I'd gifted it to the person it was intended for or it would have ruined the surprise. 

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31 Things in 31 Days, Days 25-30 - Home Stretch

My mask collection, it's just clutter.
We've had family visiting and it's been crazy busy which is why this post is going out today, Monday, instead of last Friday like I had intended, so very close to finishing! 

Finding Beauty Through The Lens

paper bark tree

We went for a walk along a river we don't often go to called the Canning River. It was a hot day and any wildlife were hiding wherever it is they hide to get away from the mid-day sun.