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Two Uses Tuesday 82

Two Uses Tuesday Linky Party
Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Friday at 11pm EST (3am  Saturday UTC).

Announcement - Two little reminders for you

Please only link up posts that follow the DIY, craft, recipe and upcycle theme. These would be posts about something you created. You can't be featured if you don't follow the theme.
Please visit other peoples posts. Of 154 links last week only 14 received a visit from fellow party goer. And that makes me sad =(

Tip of the week

Why should you visit other posts when linking up at a link party, other than because I asked you too?
  • Meet new bloggers.
  • Find new content to share on your social media channels.
  • Follow them and they may follow back.
  • Comment and share other posts and others will do the same for you.
All of which help grow your blog!! =)

Pinbellish 39

Welcome to Pinbellish!

A Pinning Celebration

I want say a huge thank you to Sarah for stepping up and getting the party organised while I was too busy creating tissue snow

Happy Pinning!

ahhh Tissue!

I've been boogieing with the tissue box this week, (childish pun intended). 

We shall return to our regular programme as soon as possible. 

What's your top tips for surviving the dreaded lurgi? 

Two Uses Tuesday 81

Two Uses Tuesday Linky Party
Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Friday at 11pm EST (3am  Saturday UTC).

Tip of the week 

 Last spring cleaning tip for you - watch your text style, be consistent. What do I mean by that?
Do you capitalize the first letter of each word in your post title? Are your post tags all in lowercase? Are your witty remarks in italics?
The items above are just examples, you don't have to style your text that way. Whatever you do, be consistent.

Down By The Water

These black duck shots are from the archives. I love their secret little metallic feathers.

Pinbellish 38

Welcome to Pinbellish!

A Pinning Celebration


We'd like to warmly welcome Millie to our little pinning celebration! Millie is from 2CH and has joined our co-host line up. If you usually link up with Gina, and found your way to one of the other co-hosts blogs this week, don't worry! Gina will be back soon!

Happy Pinning!

Tunisian Crochet Sampler Join - Finish It Friday

Tunisian Crochet project joining options
I tried several joins for this Tunisian crochet project, I even finished at least two, decided I didn't like them and frogged them. I totally failed to get photos of the frogged joins, sometimes you've just got to roll with the flow and stopping to take photos would stop that flow in it's tracks.

HTML For Non-Techy Bloggers

HTML For Non-Techy Bloggers

You decided to give blogging a go. You thought it would be easy and all you would have to do is write your article and learn how to add an image or two.

Then you found out you had to learn how to add hyperlinks, format your posts, add alt text and a host of other things that is all a bit more technical then you signed up for.

Two Uses Tuesday 80

Two Uses Tuesday Linky Party
Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Friday at 11pm EST (3am  Saturday UTC).

Tip of the week 

This is week 4 of our blog clean up. How are you feeling about it? I know I love clean spaces smile emoticon
I want you to think about what makes you click through to a blog post? Catchy title, sure. Gorgeous image, absolutely!
That's what I want you to look at this week, your images. Best place to start: your most visited posts! Use Google Analytics to figure out which ones those are then get to work. Make sure you have a good pinnable one, that your URL is on them, branding is consistent and that you're using the best quality image possible. Schedule time into your blog maintenance routine to go back to the beginning of posting time to plug away at every last one.

Pinbellish 37

Welcome to Pinbellish!

A Pinning Celebration


Last week's party was almost exclusively pinterest links! This makes me very happy and a trend that I hope to see continue. 

Happy Pinning!

Kitty Cross Stitch - Finish It Friday

Kitty Cross Stitch #FinishItFriday

I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to which UFO (unfinished object) to share with you.

1888 Chemise

1888 Chemise

It's been two months since I teased you with promises of updates on how the Chemise pattern from the National Garment Cutter (NGC) made up.

Makeup Declutter: Lipsticks and Lip-balms

Lipsticks and lip-balms


I have a lot of lipstick. A lot of lipstick that I just don't use. I swatched them all, almost all of the colours were wrong for me.

Two Uses Tuesday 79

Two Uses Tuesday Linky Party
Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Friday at 11pm EST (3am  Saturday UTC).

Tip of the week - Cleaned up sidebar? Check! Organized categories/tags? Check!
This week let's look at something that not only makes your site look not so hot but can hurt your rankings with Google: broken links. If you blog on Wordpress, I highly recommend the plugin 'Broken Link Checker'. It finds all links that are not working any longer even gives warnings for ones that take a bit to long to reach.
Find those links and either unlink them or fix it with a redirect/new link.


Don't eat these mushrooms, they're very poisonous despite looking like some you can find at the grocery store.

We've had some really steady rainfall over the last couple of weeks which we desperately needed. One of the best things about the rain is the little surprise fairy homes that pop-up everywhere. More commonly known as mushrooms.

Pinbellish 36

Welcome to Pinbellish!

A Pinning Celebration

Did you get a Golden Pin Award in your email?

If you didn't please make sure you're sharing your Pinterest Pin URL'S here at the Pinbellish Pin Party. Only links to pins get shared and featured. We want to keep this party fair for everyone. Those that link to their blog will be asked to switch their links.

Your links should look like this:

Not this:

Little Crochet Granny Squares - Finish It Friday

Pyramid of little crochet granny squares

I've been thinking for a while I would like to do a series called Finish it Friday and every Friday I will share with you a project that I need to finish.

The goal isn't to actually finish the project, but to work on it that day (and hopefully over the weekend) to make some progress towards finishing it. Perhaps I'll inspire you to pick up your own UFO (unfinished object) and make some progress too.

I've been rather hesitant to take up this idea and implement it because keeping a series going doesn't seem to really work for me, and the Pinbellish link-up also has to be worked on and published each Friday.

But I'm going to take the plunge anyway. Let's do this!

Makeup Declutter: Eyeshadow


To get started I removed all of my hair care stuff because I'll do them another day. However, I still decided to ditch a couple of things rather then putting them away.

Make-up Clutter

Before the re-decluttering begins

Today I pulled out all of my makeup to re-declutter it all. I've gone through it a few times but this time I did much better, mostly because I was prepared to swatch everything.

I have a dream of having only one of each item and loving all of it. The first step is to get rid of all the stuff I don't use.

I'm loathe to promise another post as there are several I've promised you and not delivered on (yet) but I'm still recovering from this dreaded lurgy so I'm too tired to edit images and write about today's big makeup purging session.

I shall bring you more tomorrow!

Two Uses Tuesday 78

Two Uses Tuesday Linky Party
Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Friday at 11pm EST (3am  Saturday UTC).

Tip of the week! 

Did you spruce up your sidebar last week? I bet it looks beautiful! I made a couple of changes but I've still got a bit more to do. 
This week let's take a look at our categories and/or tags (depending on what blogging platform you're using). Limit overall categories/topics of your blog to 5-7. These will be your overall themes that you blog about. Use a tagging system to further narrow down what your posts are about.


...because a flower is prettier to look at then a tissue box

I'm sick - which explains my lack of motivation late last week - the scratchy throat, stuffy head, running a temperature kind of sick.

When I'm sick I like to bundle myself up on the couch, watch some costumey shows and do a spot of crochet. But I can't crochet because of my stupid shoulder and I can't watch shows because hubby is working from home.

My head is full of fuzzy and I can't think clearly enough to write coherently structured, amazingly awesome posts, or even just plain sensical posts. (Surley sensical is a word right? Nonsensical is a word so sensical must be, however spell check disagrees. Pfffft to spell check!)

Anyway, that's if for me for today. I'm going to go and snuggle up on the couch with the dogs and do as little as possible.