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Why Should The HDML 1321 Be Saved?

WWII ship to be destroyed for salvage if Darwin Port gets it's way - Fundraiser hopes to save historic ship

Why should Harbour Defence Motor Launch 1321 be saved?

by Tracy Geddes

In 2006 I had no idea that the adventure about to unravel was to take place so far from the comforts of home, nor that it would cost so much.

There was a opportunity to purchase the ex-warship Harbour Defence Motor Launch -1321. The ship was advertised as 'full of history's of times long past', and as 'A chance to become custodians of a legacy of the ill fated (at times) Z Force Commandos.'

The Z Force were a band of courageous men that fought in the most gruelling conditions, men who gave their lives so that you and I might have a future in this land, our Australia.

This roller coaster ride took us (Geddes' family) to Gove Peninsula in the top end of Australia.

I recall the excitement as the plane circled. Which little dot down there was our warship?

We had invested $140,000 in purchasing the ship and an inheritance meant we had over $160,000 in funds to spend on bringing the boat back to it's WWII shape and take it back to its birthplace off Battery Point in Hobart, Tasmania.

The ship was not at all as described (in the sales advertisement). The HDML-1321 needed a lot of work on the engines and it took all our funds to make it ready to sail.

Harbour Defence Motor Launch 1321 aka: MV Rushcutter photo by Ron Reynolds, radio operator aboard HDML 1321

Two Uses Tuesday 101

Two Uses Tuesday Linky Party
Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Thursday at 10pm EST (2am  Friday UTC).

I have an extra special request today. We need to make some noise to save an old war ship or she will become scrap in less then 2 weeks. If you could share my post SAVE  HDML 1321 I will be extra grateful. Leave me a comment and I will be sure to return the favour. 

Garden Critters


When I was shooting the flirting doves I also captured a few extra snaps.

As always be sure to hover over each image for the story of each shot

Two Uses Tuesday 100

Two Uses Tuesday Linky Party
Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Thursday at 10pm EST (2am  Friday UTC).

Two Uses Tuesday turns 100!! WooHoo!!!!

Pumpkin Top

Pumpkin Top UFO

This pumpkin coloured top is made of cheesecloth. I have one finished and one half finished. I can't even remember why I made it. Maybe it was to test a pattern block.

Flirting Leads To...

Laughing Turtle Doves on a fence

I thought I was done with photographing the laughing doves for this breeding season, and then I saw them hanging out together on our fence. It seemed like they were discussing if they wanted more squabs this year or not.

Two Uses Tuesday 99

Two Uses Tuesday Linky Party
Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Thursday at 10pm EST (2am  Friday UTC).

Next week is the 100th Two Uses Tuesday party! We've been at this for 2 years now! Can you believe it? I'd like to invite you to link up MORE than 3 posts this week and we'll feature some extras next week.

Remember, you still have to visit someone else's post for everyone you link up. Pins, tweets and comments and fun too ;)

Crochet Lace Tape Top

Crochet Lace Tape Asymmetrical Top - in progress

Finally my crochet lace tape project is back on the top of the to-do-list. I had this vision of it being an a-symmetrical top and it was sort of doing okay but in the end I just wasn't happy with how it was turning out.


On the 17th of September I took some shots of the nesting laughing dove we thought might be sitting on eggs. Ten days later we got to see an eyeball peak out over the edge of the nest for the first time.

Two Uses Tuesday 98

Two Uses Tuesday Linky Party
Two Uses Tuesday is LIVE until Thursday at 10pm EST (2am  Friday UTC).

Did you take a second last week to just soak up the moment? To look at the sky, smell the air and feel the breeze on your skin? Did you do something special that you can only do at this time of year? I've been watching the baby doves grow up. (Pictures this Sunday!)

Unfinished Quilt

unfinished quilt still all wrinkled from storage

I'm Not A Quilter

I doubt I will ever be a quilter. I think quilters do amazing work and I am totally impressed with their skills and patience. But quilts frustrate me.

Which begs the question why did I start to make a quilt?

Australian Coot

Australian Coot with its catch of the day - a biscuit.

On our visit to the lake I spotted this coot proudly running off with it's big catch.