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Super Fast Crochet Shawl Pattern

Super Fast Crochet Shawl Pattern

This Super Fast Crochet Shawl Pattern works up faster then any other pattern I've ever made, just three short evenings and I had it finished. The pattern is in both Australian-UK and US terms, simply scroll down a bit more for the US version.

Proud Poppy Free Crochet Pattern

Proud Poppy Pattern 

This poppy will sit up nice and proud holding it's shape even if left out in the rain.

The Proud Poppy pattern is provided in both Australian/UK and US crochet terminology. 

Fast Crochet Poppy

Fast Crochet Poppy Free Pattern

When crocheting remembrance poppies to be used as part of a tribute in honour of soldiers that served in the Armed Forces with a large poppy display there are a two of things that are desirable for a crochet pattern beyond the specifications set out by the organisers such as 5000 Poppies.

Firstly, a pattern that can be worked quickly. This allows many more poppies to be made so the request for Poppyistas (crafter's that make poppies) to make the large number of hand crafted poppies needed for the displays such as the 60,000 poppies hoped to be used for the 2018 Australian War Memorial community tribute.

How To Crochet Mirrored Picots

Crochet Mirrored Picots

Once you have mastered normal picots and downward picots, mirrored picots are a simple affair. Close mirrored picots will quickly become a favourite embellishment in your crochet.


Geri The Wonder Dog
I didn't get even a single post out last week and this week is so close to repeating that, so I thought I'd clue you all in on why.

Tunisian Crochet Wrap

Tunisian Crochet Wrap

If it weren't for Finish It Friday this Tunisian crochet project would still be in the UFO pile for the second time when I was faced with lengths of unequal length.

In the end I decided to go ahead and join the sections anyway then fill in the difference with a bit of creative double crochet. Even that had to be frogged more then once. This project has fought me from the start. Do you ever have projects like that?

Crochet Granny Square Cushions With A 3D Effect

crochet motif cushions

At last week's FinishItFriday I said I'd share a few bonus projects that were completed last year. These crochet motif cushions are top of the bonus list, bringing the total finished project count up to 14 from 12.

Can I really not count, I hear you ask. How I got from 12 to 14 by completing one project is explained below.

Finish It Friday 2016 Review

UFO's tackled in 2016 #FinishItFriday

In 2016 I shared with you 22 unfinished projects. 

How many of those UFO's are still unfinished?

How Focus Mode Impacts Image Sharpness

wattle bird

Photography Trip

During the holidays, we made a special photography trip without the dogs. I took a lot of photos.

I checked my camera settings with bird action shots in mind, ISO was on auto, TV set to priority, and I even remembered to check my focal point.

Hello 2017

Guilderton Beach

Holidays are over and I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things.

The last couple of months of 2016 were rather crazy, raising awareness of the HDML 1321 historic value followed by a nasty virus that seemed to last forever and I still hadn't quite shaken off by the end of the year. Through all of that Geri the Wonder Dog was undergoing chemo and the new addition to our fur-family kept us on our toes. There was even more going on in the background which I will be telling you about very soon.

Much needed holidays were upon me before I had a chance to properly farewell the year or let you all know I would be on a break for a couple of weeks.

But not to worry. I'm back!

What's Your Dirty Little Secret?

Real Life Clutter
If you can't understand how a book, dustpan, shoe last, random power cord and a vintage coffee grinder could end up in the same place then this post is probably not for you. 

Decluttering has embellished my life a great deal and I'd like you to meet the woman helped me work through the clutter.

When I began decluttering my home I felt completely overwhelmed. In fact you could say I felt like I was losing my mind, so to speak. If you also struggle with clutter then you are probably familiar with how stressful clutter is to live with and how even more stressful it is to deal with.