Ruffler Foot Made Sew Easy It's Hands Free!

If you've ever used a ruffler foot you will know you need to guide your fabric carefully.

I've been making a Victorian Gown. That means lots of ruffley goodness. I have about 150 meters of ribbon I'm using on this project most of which I've been pleating using my sewing machines ruffler foot. 
Carefully guiding that much yardage through would drive me insane!

I needed a way to make it easy and fast without needing a lot of concentration.

I needed to automate guiding that ribbon through.

It's so easy and simple and effective I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier.

Flannelette Tampico Inspired Bustle

I'm quite pleased with the final results from the flannelette version of the Tampico style bustle.

The ruffles are stiffer then I expected from the soft fabric and they have a lot more structure then the blue and purple one without the corded edge.  That one may end up in the UFO pile yet until I can face more of the horrid synthetic fabric, aaaand I've been distracted by other projects, which I will tell you all about soon.

Sorry about the poor lighting in the photos, I don't have the photography 'studio' set up at the moment because it's being used as my project work space instead.

It turned out to be larger then I expected, slightly too big for me, so I'll probably sell this one. I'll make a few changes the next time I make it so the front doesn't overlap so much and the pleat at the sides go the other way, but overall I'd call it a success.


  1. looks great. So amazing you figured out the pattern from photos and written descriptions. I do that some with crochet patterns. If it had fit, what would you have worn over it?

    1. Thank you. It can be fun working out the pattern from pictures but sometime it takes a lot of trial and error, do you find that with crochet patterns? I have a specific 1870's gown in mind for wearing with this kind of bustle. In retrospect I think I need to rework the dimensions to get this bustle closer to the original and I have some new fabric that I think should behave like the fabric used in the (I hope).


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