Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Catching Up - week in review

I wanted to share whine about some of the things that impact upon (not) blogging about exciting and interesting creative projects.


Since last week
(the week after our interstate visitors left) I've been trying to catch up on everything. Having said that, I've spent a lot more time then the last week or even month trying to 'catch-up' so in no way do I want to imply that it was because of our visitors that I'm behind on stuff. But I did use their visit as an excuse to neglect some of the house chores on my to-do-list and general day-to-day errands, but thankfully not as much as if I'd just ignored everything the way I used to do.


This week we have hard rubbish collection for all the big stuff you can't fit in the weekly rubbish which happens every 18 months or so (our council is still working it out since they limited how many times you could go to the rubbish tip), so I've been trying to get stuff out for that, our council only allows you to start putting stuff out on the verge 2 weeks before collection is due.

Weather/Seasonal tasks

My front yard is half way weeded - there are a lot of weeds - which has to be done every year once we've had most of our annual rainfall and they've all grown out of control from non-existent to huge triffids in what seems like over night but in reality is probably several weeks. There is a short weather window that allows for the weeding where it is not freezing cold and raining but it has been raining enough that the ground is soft enough to pull all the weeds out. And it has to be done before the weeds go to seed as well, so it has to be finished really soon.


And I was behind on a couple of blog related tasks...some of which you will see the fruits of soon (I hope - assuming I get it together).


Mid week we had a 12 hr power outage, I've also managed to hurt my wrist somehow, sprained it, strained it or something. I've kept it bandaged so I remember not to use it and it is nearly back to normal now, but it didn't help me to get caught up, finish my current lace making project or make a start on new projects - because I live in a dreamworld where I totally believe I can do all of the stuff in a single week.

And as much as I would really like to prioritise the blog and crafting above my home I just can't anymore. And although I've been really busy if I haven't worked on creating the most amazing thing ever for some reason I just don't feel like I've gotten anything done. Because of that I've started writing down what I do get done each day and it's nice to be able to look back and see that I have actually done stuff.  I'm going to share my list with you so I've got a permanent reminder. No - I don't expect you to read it.

Tuesday, 19th August 2014
  • dishes 
  • swept - kitchen|lounge|hall|dining 
  • half made bed 
  • dinner - left over lasagne 
  • wrote blog post draft
  • took blog images - more challenging then I thought it would be with one hand
  • edited blog images - realised that they weren't really up to scratch and I would have to retake them
  • learnt about floats because they've been driving me crazy - finding out the correct terminology is also really helpful for finding a solution
Wednesday, 20th August 2014 - power outage 7am-7pm there was apparently a letter but I never saw it
  • wrote a blog post I may never publish
  • researched non-etsy sites
  • swept kitchen floor during black out
  • took my neighbour a hot soup dinner, candles, and boiling water
  • put shopping away
  • put washing on
  • put washing in dryer
  • tried not to hurt my wrist and keep it bandaged
  • relished finally having a shower when the power came back on
  • dusted the top of the dryer - sort of 
  • put the clean dishes away
Thursday, 21st August 2014
  • put rubbish bin out and remembered to throw out the stuff from the freezer
  • put more hard rubbish out
  • cleaned bottom of oven and grooves in vent - gross
  • did dishes
  • did washing
  • did dusting 
  • cleaned tops of power points
  • cleaned walls 
  • swept kitchen lounge dinning and hall
  • mopped kitchen floor
  • cleaned microwave nook (pulled everything out and wiped it all down)
  • cleaned heater
  • cleaned under couch and investigated couch repair options
  • cleaned cupboard doors
  • cleaned couches
  • tried not to hurt my wrist and keep it bandaged
  • folded and put away towels
  • reorganised towel spot - got half way through
  • emptied paper shredder
  • cleaned glass in door to laundry
  • wiped fridge door on outside
  • cleaned freezer top
  • made dinner - sausages with gravy, mash and greens
  • visited my neighbour and listed to her life story for the umpteenth time 
  • swept back patio and stairs
  • wiped storage room door
Friday, 22nd August 2014
  • cleaned shower 
  • cleaned kitty litter
  • cleaned bathroom floor
  • cleaned bathroom door
  • cleaned bathroom mirror
  • took hard rubbish out
  • took shed rubbish out
  • took recycling out 
  • took bathroom rubbish out
  • swept 
    • kitchen
    • dining 
    • lounge
  • worked on blog stuff
  • weeded verge garden
  • cleaned disgusting bad join in floor between lounge and dining which I have no idea what to do with 
  • dusted around the tv
  • did admin stuff
  • sprayed spiders (ewww)
  • put tools away from when we changed the car battery
  • took old chopping boards to the shed
  • moved wood in the shed in anticipation of a more permanent solution for blocking off the sideway from the patio
  • moved a pile of bamboo off cuts
  • did exercises
  • did the dishes which is when I noticed that last night hubby had actually scraped his plate of pie off that had been in the fridge for *a while* - win 
  • fed the pets
  • did not get dinner made before hubby got home and he had the leftover chicken and fried chorizo with salad and I fried bacon in his charizo pan and had that with salad - sometimes it's nice to keep it simple
Saturday, 23rd August 2014
  • put a load of washing on - that was it
Sunday, 24th August 2014
  • put washing in dryer
  • took previous load out of dryer
  • put load in washing machine
  • folded washing
  • did dishes
  • put shopping away (we shop together)
  • cleaned out some digital files
Monday, 25th August 2014
  • put dishes away
  • figured out I can store pots with lids on the bench instead of trying to squeeze them into the pot drawer and then they take up the room on the clutter hot-spots - win
  • fed corella's
  • put washing on
  • washed my hair (because I view this as a bit of a chore)
  • made bed
  • rotated the washing 
    • empty drier onto bed 
    • carry dirty clothes from bedroom to laundry 
    • empty washing machine into drier
    • empty drier filter
    • fill washing machine with clothes 
    • scrounging around to make a full load
  • maintained this list
  • did my exercises - new exercises!
  • swept 
    • lounge
    • kitchen
    • dining
    • hall
  • brushed fur and fluff off rug - umm I think I need to do this more often
  • more blog stuff
  • sorted through my wardrobe and swapped out the cold weather stuff for the hot weather stuff and figured out what I actually kinda fit into
  • cleaned up the clothing slide from off the top of my drawer set that I had been stepping over for a couple of days\
  • de cluttered and dusted off some of the bedroom drawers 
  • sorted out more of my linen shelves
  • washed the dishes
  • rotated another 2 loads of washing 
  • folded the clothes
  • dusted the top of the dryer - it's unbelievable how dusty it gets form dryer fluff
  • fed the pets, which I seem to forget to write down as part of things of done quite a bit