Which Stitch Markers Are Best

When I first took up crochet I didn't have any stitch markers, I didn't even know stitch markers existed. It wasn't long before I knew about them and I learnt the value of using stitch markers, aka stitch savers. That first frustrating experience of when a project accidentally unravels because there's nothing holding onto the stitch to stop it coming undone or your crochet circle grows in ways it isn't supposed to and the worth of this tiny tool became obvious very quickly. But there are so many styles of stitch marker to choose from, locking, circle, coil-less, plastic, safety pins, thread, 3D printed... does it really make a difference which one you use? Is it just how pretty they are? I walk you through a dozen different stitch markers from items you have lying around your home to the fancy artisan styles. I share with you what features to look for and those that don't really hold up to the task.

A little less of a disaster now.

I forgot to tell you yesterday, the sewing room is now a little less of a disaster.

multiple pencil sharpeners

I should have got rid of the excess pencil sharpeners, but I don't know which one works well on the tailors pencils, which works well on lead pencils and which works best for graphite. So I'll do that next time I need to sharpen those things.

cord thinga-ma-bobs

And no, I didn't donate those black thingy-ma-bobs for cords. I haven't decided yet, but I will probably keep a few and sell the rest or something.

sewing table before decluttering

I know, I should have thrown out the blunt seam rippers, but I don't remember which ones are blunt - so I'll do that next time I need to use them. Until then they are in that cute little box with my crane scissors so I know just where to lay my hands on them.

sewing table after decluttering

My favourite tools are still within reach and all the rest are put away where they should be. Yes, that is another pencil shapener, why do you ask?