Skein Passion

Luscious 'fioro' hand died merino-silk yarn skeins from The Yarn Bowl in the shades sepia rose, abalone and plum purple As Valentines day approaches sprinklings of pink hearts and cutesy romance sayings start popping up all over the place. Yarn sales are overflowing with red and pink colourways and patterns are dotted with love knots.  But I want to talk about Passion. That deep intense desire you experience when you touch that divine squishy yarn skein, you know the one I'm talking about, that skein that makes your heart sing. It's a magic colour, squishing it is like touching a cloud with the lustre of angels. The yarn of your dreams. Where were you when you had that experience the first time? In a specialty yarn store looking at the silk-alpaca blends? I'm willing to bet it wasn't, more likely it was at the discount store passing the bargain aisle and this little ball of fluff caught your eye and you sighed and squished it and wished you had the skill to turn

Blunt, Sharp and to the Point

A blunt sewing machine needle can cause all sorts of problems with your sewing such as missed stitches and thread breakages. I am guilty of not changing my sewing machine needle as often as I probably should, but how often should it be changed?

sewing machine needles

I've seen recommendations to change your needle as regularly as
every 4 hours of sewing, however if I am stitching light gauzy cotton fabric I won't change my needle as often as if I am stitching a heavy denim which will blunt my needle faster then guaze will. I might use an already used needle on the denim but a brand new super sharp one for the gauze. Does that make sense?

You should change your sewing machine needle:
  • when it has been damaged by hitting a pin, zipper or anything hard (even if you can't see any damage)
  • regularly - when you think it's not sharp any more or when you start a new project
  • it's all gummed up with sticky stuff from iron on interfacing and you can't get it clean with an alcohol based cleaner 
  • you can't remember the last time you changed your needle
When was the last time you changed your needle?