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Challenge Accepted! Fill your editorial calendar in 30 minutes.

I was doing a bit of web surfing for editorial calendar plug-ins, without much luck I might add. Sure an editorial calendar is an awesome idea, if you've got more then just some vague thoughts about what to write about.

Having an editorial calendar means you at least intend to have an actual plan, not just a few musings from the shower fairy, but actual at least half sketched out ideas for what you're going to post about, and maybe some idea of when you will post it.

So I was surfing away ignoring the fact that my plans and ideas amounted to a handful of vague concepts and I would still need to come up with stuff to fill an editorial calendar when I stumbled across this 100 post challenge by Sarah Burke.

I read the first half of the article and thought this is such a good idea, I'm going to stop and do this right now before I even look at the ideas suggested further down the post.

Checking the time, it was 2:58. I had plenty of time to take the half hour out of my day before I needed to do other stuff. I grabbed my note pad and a pen and got comfy, 3:00 pefect! I won't even forget what time I started.

And I started to write, scrawl - yes my handwriting is terrible, but we'll talk about that another time.

After 14 minutes I had 53 ideas on paper, fifty three!

After 20 minutes I had 72 ideas.

At 29 minutes I had 103 ideas.

And at 30 minutes I had 108. One hundred and eight ideas for posts!

I was impressed with myself. I really didn't think I would come up with that many. Taking this challenge was the best idea ever. I did a mental tour of my sewing room while I was writing and that really helped me to consolidate some of those 'vague ideas' I had.

Then I read the rest of the article listing Sarah's 100 ideas, they were so completely different from mine so I made some notes from those too. Thanks Sarah!  Now I have over 9 pages of ideas to work with anytime I get stuck trying to think of a topic to write about.

As for the editorial calendar, I'm still looking for the right one for me.

How do you find your inspiration?


  1. 108 post ideas!! That's awesome! :D

    I have an editorial plug in that I love, but it's for self-hosted WordPress, so not much help to you :/ I'm starting to gear up for 2015 though, and as I do, I'm looking into buying (or even making) myself a calender so that I can scribble on it, and cross things out etc. There is something very therapeutic about doing that, however, it' much neater on a computer! :) The plug in I use (when I'm actually organised), allows me to drag and drop posts - which is SO great!

    As for where I find inspiration, I find it in stepping outside and going for a walk. The fresh air does wonders for clearing my head, the colours, movement, and sounds all get my brain working, and in Spring, all the beautiful flowers are out and it makes me so happy! :D

    xx Millicent

    1. WP seems to have all the fun toys and a drag and drop feature makes life so much easier. Filters are even better.

      Spring is just magic isn't it? With all the rain we get I always feel like the world is washed clean and everything's fresh and new. It sure gets the creativity brain cells bubbling.

  2. Sarah popped over to comment on our attempt at undertaking her challenge, but there was some crazy google setting (now turned off) that wouldn't let her leave a reply. So if you would like to see what she had to say you can pop over to her original challenge post here:


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