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What I learnt From My First Guest Posting Experience

Now that I've finished my first guest post (go check it out, I'll wait), I thought I would share with you some of what I learnt from the experience.

It's a good idea to let people know I live on the other side of the planet!
Really, how else are they going to know that I get their emails at 2 am when I'm asleep. 'rolls eyes at my own thoughtlessness'

Make sure there aren't any outstanding administration tasks to be done.
This might be obvious to everyone else, but I tend to overlook this sort of thing. Because I use the Purfylle page for all of my activity on G+ it hadn't occurred to me to make sure my Stella Lee G+ profile is all pretty.
When I tried to make comments over at GCC it wouldn't let me do it as the Purfylle page and I found myself frantically trying to find suitable profile photos so you wouldn't see that horrid blue avatar.
(If you know how to comment on blogs as a page please share! I've figured this out now so you will see comments from both Stella and Purfylle from here on in.) note to self: go and finish the admin for G+ profiles.

Hyperlinking to a G+ user when you comment. 
It had never occurred to me you could do this until Gina hyperlinked to the Purfylle page. I felt rather embarrassed that I couldn't return the favour - so I'll be trying to  I've figured out how to do that.

Make sure email has a signature set up.
Oh yes, another admin oversight.

Accepting there will be mistakes and no matter how many times you proof read you will miss something. 
Thanks Gina for all the improvements to my post!

Block some time in your schedule for when the post will be published. 
You want to be able to leisurely review the post once it's up, share it with your readers and make comments, you don't want to be crazily trying to get admin tasks done that you should have already sorted out ages ago. 'more eye rolling'

Remember to give your post a title other then 'Guest post over at Gina's'
The blogger you're posting for can change it if they want but they really shouldn't have to ask for one. (oops)

It also made me get it together and do an About page for the blog.
Did you notice the new button up there on the menu bar?

I also learnt about writing the actual guest post, because they need some stuff that a post on my own blog doesn't.

A guest post needs:

To be on topic
something that lines up nicely with both your blogs is best

your logo or photo, something visual to allow readers to recognise you and your blog

An introduction
  • introduce yourself, this is a good spot to mention your blog - Hi, I'm Stella and I blog over at Purfylle - it doesn't need to be an epic. 
  • mention the relationship you have with your blog host - we met at some cool gig/forum/whats-it
  • people like to know how you feel so don't be shy about telling them that your excited or apprehensive, or whatever.

You know - the actual blog post itself
  • this is the bit that would be just like posting on your own blog. I know how to do this bit!
A Closing statement
  • it's nice to thank your host for the blogging opportunity
  • invite readers to visit your blog, include hyperlinks to make it easy for them

Did I learn anything else?
That it's really easy to ignore that pile of washing when you're writing *sigh* I guess I better go and do that.

I learn't so much from my blog host Gina of Gina's Craft Corrner, little touches that can really make a difference. So I just want to say a big THANK YOU!

Have I missed anything? Please share your tips in the comments.

I'm just going to leave this here for my future self to use as a checklist.


  1. Oh, Stella! You are so funny! This really is a great check list and I would not have thought to write a post about it. Good thinkin'! Looks like you figured out the hyperlink thing. I'm still learning a lot myself, but if you have any questions just ask. I might be able to help. :)

  2. I have to write it down or I'll forget! Memory like a sieve you know. And if I've got to write it down I may as well share it.
    Yes, I've figured out the linking to another G+ user now but because I'd forgot to do it before I hit share (sieve memory) I was trying to edit the comment and I couldn't get it to work. 0_o
    Thanks for offering to help me out whilst I blunder along figuring out this blogging thing!


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