Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

How I Made a T-shirt Bath Mat

Last week I started this bath mat upcycle project from t-shirt yarn, so this week I thought I would share with you how I made it and how it turned out.

To make this bathmat I used:

  • 10mm crochet hook, 
  • t-shirt yarn made from 7 old t-shirts (6 small and 1 large) 
I had intended to share the pattern with you but there were some problems with the shape. It kept wanting to curl up into more of a basket shape then a flat mat.

I added extra crochet stitches (both hdc & cs) in at the corners as I went to try and fix this and just pulled and poked it into shape. I don't know how it will go after a wash.

Essentially it was all done in half double crochet. I started with 25 stitches and worked from there. The final outer row was done in single crochet.

upcycle t-shirt yarn project old t-shirt to bath mat

I've started another mat with more stitches in each corner and at the ends and it's still curling a bit but not as badly. This time I made the short ends of the rectangle 1 hdc wider in my first row then I used last time and I've added about 1 cs extra at each corner then what patterns generally suggest.

Using the left over t-shirt scraps

upcycle t-shirt yarn project old t-shirt to bath mat and rags

I made approximately 20 rags from the left overs, I'd already used some of them before I took this photo. All the offcuts left over after I had my nice cleaning rags went out by the car to be used for checking the oil.

A quick note on the yarn

t-shirt yarn types
T-shirt yarn tutorials would have you believe that all t-shirts will give you this lovely curled up yarn that hides the raw edges once you've done the final stretching out step (see the white yarn in the above image).

But that's not always how it goes. Sometimes you'll get some that looks like the red one and it does create a bit of 't-shirt snow' when you first cut it out. That's the sort of yarn I made my first rug out of, so it's totally ok to use.

Textural differences in yarn

different textures from types of t-shirt yarn

Here's a picture of the textural differences between the two yarn types. On the left is the flat yarn and on the right is the curled yarn. I really like both textures, what do you think?

Oh and this is my finished bath mat. I'm pretty happy with it, I just love turning clutter into something useful!

declutter your old t-shirts and make bath mats

I get confused by the crochet hook conversions. What is your 10mm crochet hook equivalent called?

A quick update - I've nearly got the pattern right so it behaves itself nicely. I hope to get it up soon.


  1. I always say I am going to use the old tees to make some yarn, but I end up giving them away or using them for something completely different. Your mat looks great!

    1. I said it for years and gave my t-shirts away, but this year I already had a pile of stuff waiting to be donated and I really needed a bathmat. It was just having the right motivation in the end.

  2. Such a great idea! once you rip up those old t's you can't see the stains or wear and instead can have them underfoot keeping the floor dry. Thanks for sharing with us at the craft challenge!

    1. They last longer then regular bath mats too. I've nearly got the pattern just right, when I do I guess I'll have to share all over again.

  3. It's not slippery? I have an extremely terrible problem falling down if it moves even the tiniest bit.

    1. I can move a little so you would need to employ some anti-lip technology. I've heard of people using hot glue on one side for this - not to glue it to the floor but to add a rubbery anti-slip factor. Squeeze the glue on and wait for it to dry then it's ready to use.


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