Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

I started with this shelf full of stuff......

shelf full of stuff everywhere
I actually faced the sewing room today and made a leeetle teeny bit of progress.

I started with this shelf full of stuff that had been dumped there instead of being put away. Who would have done that!?
Oh, that would've been me....

Top shelf:
  • embroidery hoops
  • ribbon storage card
  • hand made and shop bought trims
  • bag full of the shiny cord stuff which I can't remember what it's called but does have a name 
  • other stuff 

Bottom shelf:
  • receipts
  • crochet project
  • box of bobbin lace leftovers
  • bag of bobbin lace leftovers
  • hand made lace
  • fabric remnant
  • bees wax
  • crochet patterns on the back of yarn labels

So I put on a podcast to listen to and got stuck in. 
  • The embroidery hoops were hung up on their hook - I had to tie a ribbon around them so they were hangable.
  • The trims went into my trims hat box - I had to move my red stationery draw unit to be able to get to the hat box.
  • Shiny cord bag got hung up - after a ribbon was poked through it so it could be hung up. 
  • Receipts were put with the other receipts - it's higher up on the shelves and I couldn't actually reach it until the red draw unit got moved.
  • Bobbin lace leftovers went out to the lounge room crochet spot - because I have decided I am going to crochet them into little squares and do something with them one day, you know because I really need another work in progress.
  • Fabric remnant was shoved into a fabric box - hmmm, I'll have to deal with it another day and it's not the right box but at least it's not gathering dust any more. 
  • The bees wax was relocated to a more suitable shelf spot. Of course I'll use it for waxing thread now that I know where it is. (I'm not sure I believe me on that one)
  • Crochet patterns got put into the plastic envelope I have for such things. I did wonder if I shouldn't throw them all out but I realised I might want to know what yarn I used in case I blog about it so I kept them this time around.
  • Other stuff is still there. 
All that stuff in italics are dumb excuses for dumping the stuff on the shelves in the first place when they were decluttered from another space.

Now it looks like this. 

Not perfect but better. Yep, that's some fabric paint - it doesn't have a home - and a bit of cardboard, a plastic box with labels and bits and bobs I need to sort through, and the lid to another container behind it pretending it doesn't actually exist and therefore can be ignored. 

I also tackled this box.

box of clutter

It had some bamboo skewers and chopsticks in it for making more bobbins. Oh for a lathe or one of the attachment things for a drill so they could come out looking good. Really, my time is better spent else where at the moment. But I digress. 

It also had an old card weaving project, some stick weaving sticks and a cone of yarn. 
The bamboo skewers and chopsticks found a spot next to the beeswax. The stick weaving sticks went in my knitting needle holder and the yarn went into the cone yarn box. 

This what the box looked like afterwards. 

empty box

It's now sitting next to the waste paper basket waiting to be put out for recycling.

The sewing room is still stuffed to the brim with stuff but at least some stuff is now decluttered.

What was the last space you decluttered?