Perfect Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Learn how to create a seam free, single sided Crochet Granny square for perfect results every time.

The humble Granny Square is the crochet staple of Nanna's everywhere, which is how it came to be known as a 'Granny Square'. Originally it was just called a crochet square.

The Granny Square is often the very first thing we are taught when learning to crochet, so it would follow that it would be simple to have a perfect square every time and those new to crochet often get discouraged when this is not the case.

However, to get a perfect square actually requires a bit of experience, good fundamentals and advanced row starting techniques, otherwise you are left with seams, the reverse side of stitches showing every second row or even a slight spiral effect.

This granny square is made without turning your work and has a right and a wrong side.

Nearly there! Getting the sewing room under control.

The Goal 

Clear the cutting table...

cutting table

...and the
sewing table...
sewing table

...on both sides.


Yes, I did just write a post about clearing the sewing table. 

Make the tool cabinet accessible and functional.

more clutter

The obstacles

Front left of table 

The stationery drawers are in front of the table and in the way. You'd be right in thinking the box on top of the drawers has been cleared.

more clutter

Front centre of table

The stool and project box are in the way.

clutter in front of the cutting table

Front Right 

A whole stack of storage boxes are in the way....

storage boxes in front of the cutting table boxes that are meant to be stacked here. But here is covered with bags of offcuts and the black bag has stuff in it from where I cleared out the old storage trunk and had nowhere to put the stuff I cleared out of it. MMhmmm, more stuff

That fabric is draped over UFO's to protect them from kitties.

offcuts piled high


Nicely stacked boxes and a place for kitties to sit.

Accessible tool cabinet.

drawers full of tools

 Cleared sewing table.

Floor space in front of the cutting table! Just some patterns and a roll of fabric left now. (Yes under the towel and stuff is a bolt of a lovely wool blend, the covers are there to protect it from kitties.) accessible tools

cutting table accessible

Did you notice the pretty pink walls (they are pinker in real life) and the lovely lino. (Oh yes, that was sarcasm - oh the irony of pink walls. o_O)

Tomorrow I will face sorting through those patterns and putting them in plastic envelopes. How do you store your patterns?


  1. looks a lot like my craft room - both before and after and then it gets like before again and I clean up and it's after then I get crazy crafting and it's

    1. Every project - total disaster afterwards. It's an endless cycle, you can't be creative without creating a mess. I'm glad someone understands :D


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