Which Stitch Markers Are Best

When I first took up crochet I didn't have any stitch markers, I didn't even know stitch markers existed. It wasn't long before I knew about them and I learnt the value of using stitch markers, aka stitch savers. That first frustrating experience of when a project accidentally unravels because there's nothing holding onto the stitch to stop it coming undone or your crochet circle grows in ways it isn't supposed to and the worth of this tiny tool became obvious very quickly. But there are so many styles of stitch marker to choose from, locking, circle, coil-less, plastic, safety pins, thread, 3D printed... does it really make a difference which one you use? Is it just how pretty they are? I walk you through a dozen different stitch markers from items you have lying around your home to the fancy artisan styles. I share with you what features to look for and those that don't really hold up to the task.

Sharing Your Sewing Chair With Kitty

Ada cat looking anything but innocent

Looking all innocent? 

Ada cat stretching

'I'm just stretching mum'.

Ada cat upside down head scratch


Ada cat looking innocently into the camera

'No, I'm not clawing the chair, I'm just scratching my head whilst I stretch'

Ada cat clawing with gusto

Yeah,sure, that's why that claw is all motion-blurry.

Ada cat giving a look that says your interrupting her scratching and she's not impressed

'Oh, you're still there...'

Ada cat extending her claws

Stretches out claws even further.

Ada cat imploring you to believe it's not her fault.

'It just happens, it's a compulsion. It's not my fault! You've gotta believe me. '

lots of Ada fur on the chair

And so we have fur. Lots of fur especially as we come into summer.

lots of pulls in the fabric from cat clawing

And pulls in the fabric, lots of those too.

Nap time after a good claw stretch and towel pulled back to reveal the chair

To stop my sewing chair being a mass of fur and pulls I just throw an old towel over it. Every time I want to do some sewing I swap the towel out.

Nothing could be simpler for maintaining a fur free sewing chair. And that's my Maintenance Monthly post for October. I bet you thought I had forgotten about it with today being the last day of the month and all, but it's still October, so it counts right?


  1. Looking so innocent sleeping and stretching!

  2. Arrr she certainly takes over your chair x #AnimalTales

    1. She takes over my chair, my bed, my sewing table! I don't know how one little cat manages it but she does.

  3. Ha ha- only cats can look that innocent when up to no good! The towel is a good idea; we have a throw on our armchair and Henry cat always grabs it when we try and pick him up ... whilst looking all innocent of course.
    Thank you so much for joining in with #AnimalTales again.

    1. Cat's are the masters of looking innocent when they aren't, the dogs try but the guilt always shows through.

  4. Oh Bless - still at least she keeps the seat warm!! She looks like butter wouldn't melt. Lovely pics :) #animaltales

  5. Grace says - What a gorgeous cat. I love cats and miss mine very much. She looks so comfy there xx #animaltales


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