How To Crochet Mirrored Picots

Once you have mastered normal picots and downward picots, mirrored picots are a simple affair. Close mirrored picots will quickly become a favourite embellishment in your crochet.

The time has come...

I've been working hard on the blog.

Since the start of September I've been bringing you a new post 5 days a week and I just love it!

It takes more time then you might think to manage a blog and it's time the blog started paying for itself.

That means I'll be adding an affiliate link here and there.

But I don't want to just put up any old affiliate link. Nah-unhEvery time time I see the '1 great tip for losing weight yadda yadda yadda' I
cringe. (blerch)

I spend a lot of time on the Purfylle blog writing, improving, testing that everything works, and I don't want to cringe when I look at a page. And if I cringe you probably do too and I definitely don't want to inflict that upon you!

So what you will be seeing is:

Stuff I love 

Like my favourite reference books.

Stuff I want

Like tools, consumables and notions.


Stuff I already own and totally recommend

Like awesome sewing machine accessories.

You know, the good stuff!

How it works

If you click over from my site and purchase something I will get a small recompense for my efforts in sharing their product with you and you get the same price you would get if you had gone directly to their site and done all the leg work to find it.

When it comes to Amazon adds, I've already hunted down the best price I could find but if you click over from my website and find a better price, or buy something else it still helps me out. And by helping me out I can continue to write and perhaps buy some cool crafting and sewing consumables so I can share even more stuff with you.

When it comes to other affiliates I will only be sharing stuff I believe in. Like Nony's books. Nony has helped me so much since I found her and if you struggle with keeping up with all the stuff like I do, you just might find Nony helpful too.

How will you know if a post has affiliate links in it? 

I'll tell you! It's the law. And yes, every picture in this post is an affiliate link.

How we can help each other

If you plan to do some Amazon purchasing for Christmas, birthdays or to treat yourself, I'd love it if you clicked over from any one of the links on the blog. It will help keep me writing and hopefully I can save you from wasting time searching for the right stuff and from wasting money on the stuff that looked good but really isn't.


  1. Stella, I love this post! I was on the edge of my seat after I saw your title on G+. Time for what??? I think I'll have to use that title sometime. It really made me want to click. I'm still amazed that you have written every day! I've read that to be a better writer/blogger, you should write something every day even if you will not post it. I think that is good advice. It's hard to sit and write once I've been away for a while. The Amazon ads are so neat and fit in nicely with post when you want to tell someone about a cool product you like. I checked into it, but MO is one of the states on the list that cannot participate in their program. I have no idea why, but it is a bummer.

    1. I'm amazed I've written every day too, it really does take a lot more time then I expected, taking pictures, editing, remembering to add all the tags and stuff, I'm sure I forget something in every post. Thanks for the title feedback, I think I need to get better at them and I'd love to see what you had to write using 'The time has come' as inspiration. I can't believe you aren't allowed to participate in the Amazon program - that's just weird.


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