Perfect Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Learn how to create a seam free, single sided Crochet Granny square for perfect results every time.

The humble Granny Square is the crochet staple of Nanna's everywhere, which is how it came to be known as a 'Granny Square'. Originally it was just called a crochet square.

The Granny Square is often the very first thing we are taught when learning to crochet, so it would follow that it would be simple to have a perfect square every time and those new to crochet often get discouraged when this is not the case.

However, to get a perfect square actually requires a bit of experience, good fundamentals and advanced row starting techniques, otherwise you are left with seams, the reverse side of stitches showing every second row or even a slight spiral effect.

This granny square is made without turning your work and has a right and a wrong side.

Why Blogger Randomly Publishes An Edited Post To Today's Date

Geri the wonder dog's response to unexpected blog date changes

Why Blogger? Why?

A few times I've gone back to improve photos or fix a typo on old posts. Sometimes they update just fine. But sometimes Blogger decides to re-date the post to today's date and leave my archives in a mess. WHY?

I was going a little insane. I couldn't figure out why this would happen and so randomly.

I started keeping a spreadsheet of all my posts published dates and I compared the times listed in blogger to the times listed in FeedDemon. There were some inconsistencies. I noted them in my spreadsheet as well.

I hadn't had the date change on me for several post updates and I forgot about the problem.

And then it happened again. (ugghhhh)

That's not why.

I had a few unsavoury words for Blogger and then did the sensible thing and searched the help forums which suggested the cause was using the 'Revert to Draft' option.

Except that I don't use it. I want my readers to have access to my post whilst I fix typos and whatnot.

I asked the help forum and we thought it might be the web browser I was using.

After some backwards and forwards with the helpful person on the forum and several failed attempts on my behalf to reproduce the problem in Opera - the browser where the date change thing had happened to me only yesterday - I was starting to feel like a whingy PEBCAC.

Speculations proved unfounded

All of my guesses about why this might happen had proved to be unfounded.
Things like:

  • Post author = Stella Lee | Post Editor = Purfylle
  • Replacing an image
  • Making major changes as opposed to a minor typo correction
  • Taking a long time to edit with repeated previews

I pulled out my spreadsheet to check a few things. There was something worth looking into there.

The posts that were behaving fine had matching times in Blogger and FeedDemon.

The post that had been problematic yesterday I'd made notes about the times in Blogger and FeedDemon as being inconsistent.

I tested updating another post but this time with one that had the time inconsistency.


Problem reproduced. Just to be sure I did another test using  Firefox with the same results. Nope, not a browser issue.

Sure, I could check IE and Chrome as well but I can't be bothered, I thought I'd write this post instead.

So if this has happened to you and you're wondering why its because the publish time in your post is set to 'Automatic' instead of  'Set date and time'.

When you write a new post it says 'Automatic' but once it's been published it's usually changed to 'Set date and time' with the published date listed.

Which leaves me wondering why do some posts (11 out of 64 when I made the spreadsheet) have the time set to automatic and some don't?
An inadvertent mouse click? 
A newby blogger pitfall of trying out a setting and not understanding the repercussions (I don't think I purposely selected automatic on 11 random posts, but I might have once or twice)? 
How to avoid it in the future?

Why does answering a question always end with more questions?


  1. I wish I could help you, Stella. I have not noticed that!

    1. Gina, I'm glad you haven't had it happen. At least I now know what to look out for when editing old posts.


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