Which Stitch Markers Are Best

When I first took up crochet I didn't have any stitch markers, I didn't even know stitch markers existed. It wasn't long before I knew about them and I learnt the value of using stitch markers, aka stitch savers. That first frustrating experience of when a project accidentally unravels because there's nothing holding onto the stitch to stop it coming undone or your crochet circle grows in ways it isn't supposed to and the worth of this tiny tool became obvious very quickly. But there are so many styles of stitch marker to choose from, locking, circle, coil-less, plastic, safety pins, thread, 3D printed... does it really make a difference which one you use? Is it just how pretty they are? I walk you through a dozen different stitch markers from items you have lying around your home to the fancy artisan styles. I share with you what features to look for and those that don't really hold up to the task.

All That Glitters...

All that glitters...

...is probably clutter.

This was a pretty blue hair tie, that I don't think I ever used even once.  But I kept it, "just in case"!

Lets look  a little closer.

It's so dusty you'd call it dirty, and yes, that is a spider web. I tossed it.

Have you kept something unused for so long you've ended up having to toss it out? No? Just me then.


  1. its not just you believe me lol

    1. hahah - thank you! It's always good to know you're not alone.

  2. With five children, I have adopted regular purges to try to keep clutter to a minimum. These purges have deleted pet rocks, school projects, and "whatever that is" from our household. I try to keep the purges quiet because if the kids don't know to miss something, then they don't know to be upset. And most of these "must keep" items haven't be played with for months. Thanks for this humorous, yet honest post. :)

    1. I have no idea how you manage to keep on top of it all with 5 children! You must find some real doozies!


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