Which Stitch Markers Are Best

When I first took up crochet I didn't have any stitch markers, I didn't even know stitch markers existed. It wasn't long before I knew about them and I learnt the value of using stitch markers, aka stitch savers. That first frustrating experience of when a project accidentally unravels because there's nothing holding onto the stitch to stop it coming undone or your crochet circle grows in ways it isn't supposed to and the worth of this tiny tool became obvious very quickly. But there are so many styles of stitch marker to choose from, locking, circle, coil-less, plastic, safety pins, thread, 3D printed... does it really make a difference which one you use? Is it just how pretty they are? I walk you through a dozen different stitch markers from items you have lying around your home to the fancy artisan styles. I share with you what features to look for and those that don't really hold up to the task.

How To Clean A Rug Without Vacuuming

Carpets are just not practical with all of our pets so we got rid of them all, the carpets that is, not our furbabies.

We do have one little rug. It's for the cats, they like to sit on it and use it to sharpen their claws.

rug covered in cat fur

Because they're cats, any purpose specific item never gets used (like a proper cat scratching post) so a rug it is.

However, it does have to be cleaned. I am not pulling out the vacuum cleaner for one small rug. It's just too much hassle lugging the stupid machine out and finding a power outlet and changing the attachment and having Freki shout at it for being such a noisy intruder and....well by then I just can't be bothered doing the vacuuming at all.

Vacuuming is only partially effective when it comes to cat fur at this time of year anyway with Sacha shedding her winter coat as the weather warms up (well they all are but she seems to have more then her fair share).

rug covered in cat fur

Here's how I clean the cat's rug. I use a scrubbing brush and I brush the rug.

scrubbing  brush

Revolutionary huh? I'm imagining you nodding earnestly, even though I know your probably giving one of those looks that says 'Is she for real?'

Well, whatever your thinking, here's what it looks like half way. Easy right?

half the rug cleaned

Except apparently it needed a thorough inspection. 

both dogs inspecting the rug closely

Geri the wonder dog thinks half done is good enough to lay on

Freki didn't think much of my cleaning efforts but Geri gave it her approval.

She got tired of me poking a camera in her face so she moved and I could finish scrubbing the other half. 

 Tadaaaa! There you have it. A clean rug, no vacuuming.

What do your cats use to sharpen their claws?