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Nanna's Button Tin

Button Collection

My Nanna kept her buttons in this tin for as far back as I can remember. 

When I was little and we would visit my Grandparents for Christmas, Nanna would pull this tin out for me to play with.
I would sift through all of the buttons matching them up and marveling at the myriad of button types and how pretty they all were. It was like a treasure chest full of gemstones.

I've seen this same tin in a vintage and collectables store recently with an asking price of $25 and it was in terrible condition. I wonder what they would have priced my Nan's tin at?

Well, it doesn't matter what they would have asked for it, they aren't getting it. Nan's tin is staying on my sewing room shelf as a snapshot of one woman's button collection.

I guess that means I have another collection now. 

Do you have a button collection? Did it start off as someone else's? What do you keep your buttons in?

I'd love to know!


  1. My Granny had a button tin. Several of her daughters , my mom and some aunts, have button collections. Granny's went to the youngest daughter's only daughter. I used to love playing with those buttons! She let us string them, and play dress up with the necklaces. But when it was time to go home, we had to snip the string, and let our creation return to its family.

  2. Necklaces would have been fun! Now I want to go and make button jewellery.


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