How To Crochet Mirrored Picots

Once you have mastered normal picots and downward picots, mirrored picots are a simple affair. Close mirrored picots will quickly become a favourite embellishment in your crochet.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

It's the little things that all add up to make us our unique selves; likes, dislikes, personality traits, things we own, skills we have. Here's some of my quirks.
  1. The only cooked fruit I like is granny smith apples.
  2. I believe jam ruins everything.
  3. I'm stubborn.
  4. I have a four-poster bed.
  5. Cordial is fine, so long as it's lemon or lime flavoured.
  6. I have an unreasonable amount of costume jewellery.
  7. I have only discovered the tastiness that is chorizo in the last few months
  8. I actually put up the Christmas decorations on 1st of December this year. This is big, the decorations haven't been up for several years. 
  9. I have yet to bake cookies that could truly be considered a success. 
  10. Ada likes to sit on top of laundry straight out of the drier and I will use it as an excuse not to fold the laundry. 
Ada cat on a pile of laundry

What is something that makes you YOU?


  1. Great post! I love your excuse not to fold laundry. Mine is.. I hate folding laundry. So I don't. One of my biggest things that is me. I have a huge callus on my thumb that I've had since I had a baby blanket. I rub it and chew it when I'm nervous or anxious which is every time I'm out in the public. My husband can't stand it. :)

    1. What a cute little quirk you have. I love your laundry excuse, I might just start using it when Ada isn't around.

  2. There is no such thing as too much jewelry, costume or otherwise! I don't fold the laundry because I have a king sized bed, I'm the only person in it 95% of the time, so it becomes a big laundry basket.

    1. I used to believe you couldn't have too much jewellery. I really did. But when I realised I needed more then 3 shelves (loooonnng shelves) I started to question if maybe I'm wrong. I love your laundry storage system. I'd have to get a second bed to be able to use it though. I think you could totally market that as a think 'King size laundry basket!' Awesome idea. :D


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