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On Friday I was inspired to clean the walls in the hallway. I prepared the water and got out the rubber gloves and sponges.  I pulled the picture off the wall......hmmm, oh that's right, I'd put it up with double sided tape.

wall paint stuck to double sided tape

The paint came off with the tape of course. That's okay, I've been wanting to paint the hall since the day we moved in.

Instead of washing the walls I scraped off the paint. It comes off in huge pieces so it didn't take too long.

Do you remember at the beginning of October when I was decluttering like a mad woman and I told you how the unfinished walls and floor in our house get to me? I was talking about walls that didn't look like this shot below but actually had no paint.

The wall meeting a door frame.

Well since then we bought a tin of paint! We skipped grocery shopping for a week and made do with what we had in the pantry and freezer so we could buy the paint.

Although we'd already had a disappointing experience with cheap paint in the past we looked at a new brand that was running a big campaign for paint at $20 a tin. Well, we inspected the sample walls and and saw that you absolutely had to use undercoat and two coats of paint to get a poor basic coverage.

Back when we tried out paints and discovered how awful cheap paint can be, we found some good stuff that just needs one coat and it would cost the same in the end with a third of the effort and a better final result. So that is what we did. I'm sure they recommend you still use undercoat blah de blah, blah, blah....... whatever.

Lexicon Half colour sample

We bought Dulux Wash & Wear and the shade was Lexicon Half, which is basically white with a dash of black in it. Our house is seriously lacking in natural light so any way to brighten her up helps.

paint, filler, scraper, sand paper block, rags

When we first bought our house we chose a shade with a bit more colour to it but I think it's still too dark a shade for our house. I think the Lexicon will do better.

I used Uni-Pro final coat filler to fix the scrapes in the walls, sanded them back and used my t-shirt rags to wipe off all the plaster dust. Let me tell you, final coat filler is a joy to work with after some of the other products I've used in the past. A JOY.

The first thing I painted was the wall above the kitchen splash-back. It made such a difference I nearly cried. Taking this shot reminds me I need to silicon around the top edge of the splashback now that the wall is painted.

Kitchen splashback

The second wall I painted was the bare wall in the bedroom. It had been covered with blue floral wall paper. One night, when I was reading in bed, the old glue finally gave up the ghost and a huge section of the wallpaper just fell off the wall. It scared me half to death. You'd be really surprised at just how loud wall paper falling off the wall is!

There are still 3 walls that need to be painted in the bedroom but we will have to do some serious furniture moving to get to them. Regardless, the whole room is just so much nicer with even that one wall painted.

The best part though is that I still had more then half a tin of paint left. I'd planed to use the rest of the paint in the lounge room, but when the paint came off the wall in the hallway when I removed that picture I figured it was meant to be used to brighten up our entrance instead.

old decorative wall paper strip

I got the wall filled and sanded on Saturday and painted on Sunday. I took before photos of the wall and the paint that had come off but they didn't turn out because it's so dark in there. We have plans for a skylight and new light fittings but they are both way way down on the list of things this house needs done to it.

So today I took photos of the opposite wall in the hallway right near the front door where I can get a bit of natural light so you can at least see what it looked like and they're the ones in this post.

Seeing as all the work was done in November I'm making this my November Maintenance Monthly post. Hopefully one of the Maintenance Monthly posts will be about painting the sewing room.

And that is how one tin of paint has Purfylled my life in 3 sections of my house. I just love it!


  1. Just a little paint can make all the difference in the world. Thanks for linking up at Monday Mash-Up!

    Michelle @ On A Wing And A Prayer

    1. It amazes me how something so simple can have such a big impact. Thanks for stopping by :o)

  2. Yes! I too have learned the lesson of cheap paint VS quality paint! I love the new color also. Thanks for linking up at Monday Mash-Up. Anxious to see what you'll link up for the next event!

    1. Cheap paint just doesn't save you anything in the end does it? I'm glad you like the colour! I forgot to ask if you send out reminders for forgetful types like me to link up. If so, sign me up!

  3. Wow, your paint choice did brighten up your walls! It was so worth the work. It looks great! You must be so much happier with it. :)
    Now I can't wait to see what you do with the flooring!


    1. It really has made an impact to our entrance. Hubby is even talking about lighting options and putting in plate rails. I can't wait to get the other wall painted so I can get the floors done. I'm not keen on how much dust sanding floors creates though. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Great job! Are you in England, by any chance? I ask since you said lounge.
    Painting is so not fun, but the happiness a pretty wall makes is invaluable!

    1. I'm in Australia :o) I don't mind painting so much, it's all the prep and clean up that I find arduous.


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