Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

50 Litres of Sewing Clutter - Part 3

50 Litres Of Sewing Clutter

Did you read Part 1 & Part 2 of 50 Litres of Sewing Clutter?

Do you want to know what else was in the box?

Let's find out. It's a surprise for me too because it's been so long since I looked in there. That box was stuffed to overflowing.

incomplete tote bag
This brownish fabric was the beginnings of a tote bag. 

pale blue striped fabric
A stripy fabric remnant that I have no idea where it came from or what fibre type it is.

another incomplete tote
This fabric is dark green with a black design, it was going to be another tote bag but the fabric just wasn't up to it.

fabric remnants
This horrid bit of furnishing fabric remnant had dreams of becoming a makeup pouch. Those triangles were supposed to be the ends.

a never to be utitly apron
Pink and grey polyester faux wool that had hopes of becoming a utility apron with lots of little pockets. It was another project from my clothing production studies that was never actually completed.

furnishing quality vulgarluer
Another small makeup pouch that was never finished. I probably found something more interesting to do with my time. It's so close to being finished I could whip it together....

UFO forever
....and hate the poor stitch quality and the fabric that won't iron and have it become clutter too. It's going!

Really? stretch velvet? blerch
I have vague recollections of this horrid blue stretch velvet covering a house mates cushion for a short period for some reason or other. Blerch!

tote pieces and red satin lining
Another unfinished tote. It seems I went through a tote phase and started them but never finished them all. I did finish quite a few, they've even been worn out and thrown out since these were begun.

more interesting in pieces
I pulled this garment apart to inspect the construction I think. I will never get around to putting it back together. It looked lovely on but was horrid to wear.

old clothes
 I have no words for these.

Or this. 

cotton jersey top
Or this. 

velvet skirt thing
Someone gave me this velvet thing and it was an interesting enough shade that I held onto it thinking I would come up with some costume idea for someone. I hate stretch velvet with a passion. It's definitely going.

nasty horrid fabric of awfulness
Agghh, more of the nasty blue fabric.

pretty and soft in person - but sadly a horrid synthetic
 This was a failed bit that was discarded and remade for a theatre costume.

I made these ugly pants from the horrid stretch fabric that I showed you here.

the skirt part of a dress
This was part of a dress at some point. It's just rubbish now. 

that blue velvet actually gets to be useful
So I shoved everything I definitely want gone in the blue cushion cover. The rest should probably just go straight in there too. 

Why am I questioning if I should keep them? Probably something to do with the work I've already put into making those items. If I'm honest with myself I think these are some UFO's that will never become WIP's again. 

It helps to remind myself that this is just one of the boxes in my storage room. My storage room which used to be 2 rows of boxes deep instead of just one. 

That doesn't include the boxes in my sewing room

This stuff has to go. I do not want to be spending my limited sewing time on these things. I just don't. It doesn't matter that they are half finished, that the fabric might be useful for something else. They are not what I want to make and they are not fabrics I want to use. So they are all going! Accept maybe that bit of satin and the apron bits.....aggghhh. What is wrong with me?

But that's not everything that was in the container. That's right there's still more to go. Are you shaking your head in awe at how I could've kept this stuff for so long, or are you nodding in commiseration? 

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  1. Oh definitely nodding in commiseration!!

    1. Melinda, thank you so much for commenting on my old neglected posts!

  2. Welcome Stella. I know how much I crave comments, so I try to give them as often as I can!


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