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A New Groove For 2015

Get into the Groove

Today Hubby is back at work and it's time to get back into the groove of the weekly routine.

But I'm not going to just go back to the old weekly routine. It's a new year with new plans and goals, and 2015 needs a new schedule.

I need to fit a lot into my 2015 schedule.


For the last 4 months of 2014 I started to bring you a new post every week day, then I added in a Sunday photo as well.

I don't really plan what I'm going to write. Most mornings I have no idea what I'll be bringing you that afternoon. I just get on with my day and take photos as I go, after lunch I sit down and start writing. I really enjoy writing using this approach. Planning in advance doesn't flow as well for me, it's just not my style.

Sometimes I like to sketch out a few ideas all at once when the idea fairy stops by and it's great to have a half written idea for the days that don't go to plan and there's just not enough day to write and edit a post. Likewise, I take photos of lots of stuff all the time so that I will have a photo to add to busy day posts and it's ready to go.

Not all posts can be written on the same day either, some posts, especially tutorials, take a lot longer to write then others.

Writing a new post almost every day has provided me with a better feel for how much work goes into getting posts written, polished and published as well as all the other stuff that goes into running a blog.

The boring stuff

I've mostly stuck with my cleaning schedule which has also allowed me to figure out how much time I need to get the housework done and continue to make headway with decluttering. I have to keep reminding myself this is still my number 1 priority.

Exercising. Mmmhmm, yep it's in my schedule.

The fun stuff

This year I need to rework my schedule to fit in quite a bit of other stuff, like sewing and crafting for instance. I know I have the discipline to sew every day, but in the past this has been at the detriment of my home. I'm learning how to fit everything in and still get time to sleep.

I think I've got things organised enough that I can join in the Historical Sew Monthly. I intend to use the themes to help with stash-busting and work-in-progress and unfinished-object completions. Getting all the WIPS and UFO's sorted is going to help with the decluttering. I hold onto stuff because I think I need it for a project and it's not until that project is finished that it can be decluttered, (well that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I'll be sharing my progress with you all along the way. This means more sewing, costume and crafty stuff, YAY!

I'm also hoping to fit in the 2015 Moogly Afghan Crochet-a-long and share progress updates with you at least once every quarter.

And the rest

I've got some other exciting things lined up for you this year too, but I want them to be a surprise.

Aaaand, I will of course be sharing my endless decluttering with you.

With all that in mind what does this mean for my posting schedule?

Well for now the only change that I'm making is that Friday posts are optional, some weeks they might happen and some weeks they might not. When they do they'll be that little extra added bonus at the end of the week.

Friday's are the day I go through my week and make sure everything is done and squared away. I often find myself rushing out the Friday post rather then truly giving it the time and attention I would like to give it. Which made Friday the obvious choice for a schedule change.

Have you planned to fit new things into your year?


  1. Everything sounds great! I would love to sew every day, but I never get around to it. I think I'm going to try to sew some stuff for an "old Hollywood" photo shoot that my friends and I are going to try to do. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following on FB!! We seem to have similar styles! I added you to my Google + circles. I'll see if I can follow on FB as well.

    1. The old Hollywood photo shoot sounds like so much fun! I wish I could come and help sew the outfits for it with you. I hope you'll be able to share the photos from the shoot. I've followed back on G+ too. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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