Perfect Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Learn how to create a seam free, single sided Crochet Granny square for perfect results every time.

The humble Granny Square is the crochet staple of Nanna's everywhere, which is how it came to be known as a 'Granny Square'. Originally it was just called a crochet square.

The Granny Square is often the very first thing we are taught when learning to crochet, so it would follow that it would be simple to have a perfect square every time and those new to crochet often get discouraged when this is not the case.

However, to get a perfect square actually requires a bit of experience, good fundamentals and advanced row starting techniques, otherwise you are left with seams, the reverse side of stitches showing every second row or even a slight spiral effect.

This granny square is made without turning your work and has a right and a wrong side.

Drama's of the Royal Seat

Not long before Christmas we replaced the throne room seat, you know the commode, comfort station, water closet, lavatory, loo, the toilet.

the seat that works
The new seat we purchased was not the cheapest, nor overly expensive. It fitted our old style pan with the need to readjust the attachments only once the following week.

I have no idea how plastic a half inch thick can snap but snap it did. I discovered this whilst I was perched upon it and my skin got pinched between the two pieces of seat.

I can't tell you how impressed I was by this turn of events.

I can only surmise there was a manufacturing fault as we don't have boisterous children, neither of us are terribly heavy, nor was the seat banged down as it had the soft close feature.

So we went and purchased a replacement. A replacement that claimed it fitted most styles.

It did not fit ours, the screws were far too thick and the design did not now allow for them being swapped to something else.

We returned it, which I think is fair, I mean how else are they going to know how their product is performing (or not performing). The store gave us dirty looks and snide comments although it was only 2 hours since we'd made the purchase.

crapper seat

We bought another replacement, a wooden seat this time that was on special. We'd actually had this seat in the past and we knew it fitted. This was 2 days ago.  As I write this hubby is grumpily heading toward the hardware shop to buy some glue as the joinery has come unstuck. This does explain why they were on special though.

He does not want to endure the returns process again, and unless we really want to start paying a lot more we're fresh out of seat options that fit our old fashioned toilet.

Liquid Nails I hope you live up to your promises better then the seats have. I also hope you dry really fast just like you claim on the packet.


We gave up and went shopping for another seat. We went for a drive to new location with a different range and purchased the seat you see at the top of this post with the little lad having fun with the paper.

We got it home and the screws were too short. That's right, it still did not fit.

We hoped we could just get new screws, they needed to be counter sunk screws. Luck was with us and the longest screw available with a counter sunk head was just long enough.

The great thing about this seat is the higher quality fittings with non-slip rubber washers on both sides of the screws. We've had plastic screws and fittings before and poorer quality rubber and they need to be re-tightened regularly.

If there is any one thing I recommend when shopping for a seat it is to pay a lot of attention to the quality and style of the fittings and to know how long a screw you need for it to fit your loo. Screw length is usually not something you get to find out about until you open the packet though, and seeing the fittings in-store can be quite the challenge too. You also want to know how far apart the holes for the fittings are in your basin.

Who knew toilet seat purchasing was such a complicated business?

I would just like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who really wasn't prepared to read about toilet seats today. A nice toilet seat is one of those things that purfylle your life far more then you realise until it is lacking. On a side note the title I have given the image is indeed supposed to be a pun on both Thomas Crapper and the quality of the seat. Thomas Crapper was a Victorian plumber and you can read more about him here.


  1. LOL- I love your apology at the bottom! I was not prepared to read about toilet seats today but here we are. :) I thought it was going to be a paid disclosure at first and I was like "Wait- did she really get a sponsored toilet seat??" Thanks for the laugh and for sharing on the Monday Mash-Up!

    1. Oh if only it had been a sponsored post, it would have been much nicer on the wallet. I guess plumbing blogs might get such sponsorship. I truly need to update this post as the glue was not successful (surprise surprise...sometimes you've got to let hubbies so stuff their way)

  2. Now THAT is a product review I think many of us would be interested in :P
    I know I would like to check out a few options before settling on one for our bathroom but who wants to ask their best friend, "Hey, where'd you get your toilet seat?" lol. Awkward.
    Great to connect with you on The Art of Better Monday Mash-Up!

    1. I've updated the post with the seat we ended up getting to replace the silly wooden one, if you want to know how it all went. I certainly hope you have an easier time shopping then we did.


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