Perfect Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Learn how to create a seam free, single sided Crochet Granny square for perfect results every time.

The humble Granny Square is the crochet staple of Nanna's everywhere, which is how it came to be known as a 'Granny Square'. Originally it was just called a crochet square.

The Granny Square is often the very first thing we are taught when learning to crochet, so it would follow that it would be simple to have a perfect square every time and those new to crochet often get discouraged when this is not the case.

However, to get a perfect square actually requires a bit of experience, good fundamentals and advanced row starting techniques, otherwise you are left with seams, the reverse side of stitches showing every second row or even a slight spiral effect.

This granny square is made without turning your work and has a right and a wrong side.

The Domino Effect

I ran out of day on Friday and I didn't get the bias binding stitched onto the red corset for HSM like I was supposed to, partly because I was lacking the motivation to unearth the sewing machine from all the stuff I've dumped on the sewing table whilst decluttering.

Over the weekend instead of getting the sewing machine excavated from all the stuff, I moved a cabinet out of the sewing room which resulted in a chain reaction of relocating stuff.

To make room for the cabinet meant the light table had to be put in it's vertical position. This meant it had to be emptied of my bobbin lace bolster and pillow cushions, both of which then got dumped on the cutting table.

The cabinet to be moved had sewing machines, pattern making stuff and buckram piled on top of it and so I had to find new homes for all of that stuff in the sewing room as well.

This meant all the patterns and note books I had on the little school desk in the sewing room also got piled up onto the pattern making table so I could move the sewing machines (my vintage Singers) to the school desk.

tool cabinet, school table, cutting table, pattern bin
This is what the little school desk and tool cabinet looked like before. You can also see the blue container on the left that holds my larger patterns. This is one of the photos from my last sewing room decluttering-a-thon which you can read about here.

Well the cabinet was moved out successfully but the sewing room was a disaster again. 

So I spent yesterday and today rearranging and putting things to rights.

The sewing table is cleared off.

The cutting table is cleared off.

patterns and note books
I made room for my note books and patterns on the shelves.

I was surprised I could re-home or declutter everything that had been on that bit of shelf space. Yes, the patterns and notebooks need to be organised, but that's not the goal for today.

The bobbin lace cushions don't really have a proper space yet but they at least are in the sewing room where they belong.

school table, pattern bin, vintage sewing machines, bobbin lace pillow cushion precariously perched on top
The school desk looks like this now and the pattern container is where the tool cabinet was, which means I now have better access to my reference books. 

tool cabinet and stationery unit
The tool cabinet and the little red stationery unit got moved to where the big cabinet was next to the shelves.

stationery unit squeezed in next to the cutting table
You might recall that the little red cabinet was just sort of tucked in next to the cutting table and didn't really have a proper home. It's nice to get easy access to those shelves again.

The extra floor space is fantastic.

What's more I got the bias binding stitched on this morning.

bias binding stitched to the top edge of the corset

Now I just need to trim the seam and hand stitch the rest. I might even manage to get it done before the end of the month.


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