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I've introduced you to the family before but you haven't really had a chance to get to know them.


You know Freki loves home cooked meals and playing ball. But there is so much more to know about this over excitable doggy.

I'll start from the start.

We had talked about getting a dog, but hadn't really given it any serious thought yet as we were still settling into our new home and had two cats already.

Then my darling old cat died of a heart attack rather unexpectedly. I try to look back as this having being the best outcome for her rather then a slow decline in health.


The house was feeling empty with just grumpy Sacha and us.

A month later hubby came home with the story about a workmate that had taken in a puppy. The workmate's landlord was not at all pleased with a third dog on the property and would not allow the extra addition. A new home must be found.

Of course I said yes we can take him in and give him a home. Then I asked what type of dog, how old and all the rest of the questions because that's how I roll when it comes to homeless puppies. Rescue first, questions later. (I might not have said it that way out loud but I'd already decided yes)

Pup Status:
Name: Stubsy - on account of his short stubby tale
Age: 8 weeks
Gender: male - entire
Colour: black
Shots: none
Microchip: none
Breed: Lab x Border Collie
Time at current home: 2 weeks (this means he was taken from his mum too young, I never got the whole story)

The next day hubby came home saying that the puppy would be arriving soon; as in an hour soon.
We weren't prepared but knew he was coming with a tin of food and we figured we could manage anything else the new pup needed the next day.

It was a very long drive to get to our house from where he was, about an hour and a half.

He was handed over at the gate and the poor workmate had to go (it was a long drive home too). A long drive in a car that smelled of dog puke. The poor little pup got terribly car sick.


And there I was holding this shaking little bundle of black fur. I held him and cooed to him and told him it was going to be fine. I don't remember all of the details of settling him in, it was a long time ago now. Six years? Seven? I'd have to check, I'm not very good at remembering these things. What I do remember was that it was a Tuesday night. (I checked: July 2007 nearly 8 years ago!)

My heart broke when we had to leave him at home on his own whilst we both went to work.

By Friday we had decided this was a terrible arrangement and it was just not fair to leave an 8 week old pup alone all day on his own, so I checked the newspapers and found another puppy. We went straight from work to collect her that afternoon. Another 8 week old pup, I'll share her story another day.

They met and were friends instantly and have been inseparable ever since.

Freki and Geri

The house was full of life again. My biggest regret is not getting more photos.

We decided to give him a new name as he hadn't had his for long. We named them together Freki and Geri and their names suit them perfectly to this day for he is always ravenous and she is greedy (for attention usually).

Freki continued to get car sick for about 6 months. Freki's first two car trips in his life ended with him in a new home and his whole world turned upside down with everyone he knew gone forever.

It took him a while to associate fun walks and outings with car trips instead of anxiety and fear but eventually the ratio of bad car trips to good trips changed and he now shouts for joy and runs around in circles to go for a drive. It takes hours of driving on winding roads for him to get carsick these days.

Handsomest puppy ever

No his eyes aren't really blue, that's the flash.

Current Status
Name: Freki
Age: 7 years 9 mnths
Gender: male - neutered
Colour: black with brown around the muzzle
Shots: yes
Microchip: yes
Breed: Lab x Australian Shepherd (hence the stubby tale and bigger size)
Time at current home: Forever

I had best stop there before this turns into a novel.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your pup is so adorable :) Sorry to hear about your cat though ... Love the last photo :) He looks like a Disney dog ;)

    1. I thought i was just being biased about how gorgeous he is :) My darling cat was 14 and starting to feel her age, she had a good life.

  2. He's supremely cute and looks quite a character! The white fur on his chest makes me think of him wearing a black tie outfit but with mischievous grin.

    1. His nickname is Jualio because he looks so suave....until he pulls out that grin which ruins the illusion :D

  3. Oh, that is such a lovely tale and I am a great believer in things happening for the right reasons - it was terribly sad that your cat died but at just the time that Freki (to be) needed a loving home.
    I am interested to know how you decided that he is a Lab cross Australian Shepherd. My first Lab, who was a stray and not pure-bred, looked ever so like Freki and I always thought she might have some border collie in her. Was it simply the short tale and is this very typical of Australian Shepherds?

    Many thanks for once again joining in with #AnimalTalles - I want to read Geri's story now!

    1. Yes, Australian Shepherds (which aren't Australian at all - go figure) have naturally occurring bob tails quite often, they are also quite large dogs and Freki is very tall, add to that his double coat and it all added up to him being part Australian Shepherd which look very much like giant Border Collies. We haven't had genetic testing done to check for sure, so it's just best guess really.

      We haven't had him weighed since he's been on a diet but got to 50kg. He can easily put his feet on my shoulders and look me in the eye. I'm 5'7" Perhaps I should go and measure him?

  4. How adorable, so happy you could give him a home and find him a playmate too. I'm so lucky that I can take Stella to work with me, can't bear leaving her behind for long!

    1. I would have loved to take them to work with me! Now I'm working from home we are all loving it.

  5. Such a great story! I am a dog lover too, and it seems like we have always had a dog. I can't imagine life without one. Labs are my favorite and almost every dog we have had was a lab or lab mix. The one we have now is a lab mix and a bundle of energy, but I love every wiggly, crazy part of her. I look forward to hearing about Geri! I would love if you would share this at my blog party, Celebrate It! It is all about celebrating the everyday!

    1. I know so many people that labs are their favourite dogs. They are pretty irresistible with those big brown eyes!

  6. I love that you realized that puppies do better when they have a same aged playmate. I foster a pair of puppies for 3 weeks...6-9 weeks...from weaning until they were fixed and could go to a forever home. Oh my...that was a lot of work. Since then have stuck to fostering adult dogs.

    1. I think people really underestimate how much effort having a puppy is. We were toilet training the puppies at the same time my SIL was potty training her youngest, we swapped stories that were almost identical all the time! I love that you foster, I couldn't do it though, I would want to keep them all.

  7. Freki's fur is so beautifully shiny. Such a cute woofie.

    Emma and Buster

  8. Beautiful photos of such lovely and happy pets. Animals are great for bringing joy and reducing stress. :)


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