Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Did I make it in time?

3 minute hat thingy
Are you wondering if I made it to the Guildford Heritage Festival in costume or not?

Thursday I didn't have a corset or a bodice pattern and the skirt wasn't finished.

I was going to have to cut corners. A lot of them.


By Friday morning I had a wearable corset.

By noon Friday I had a bodice pattern and the stash provided interlining, a fabric that had been deemed too useless to use for anything else up until then.

the stash provides

open weave cotton

I didn't have time to tweak the fit but by the end of Friday I had a an interlined bodice under construction.

bodice front and back

interlined bodice front - inside


I kept sewing.

I got the pattern for the basque made and put it together. I stayed up until after midnight stitching in boning, hooks and eyes, attaching the neckline ruffle and the basque. I went to bed knowing I still had a huge list of things to sew.

Sunday Morning

I attached the cuffs to the sleeves, stopped for breakfast and put curlers in.

The skirt finally got a last minute waistband of sorts.

I decided I really needed some sort of head-wear and made a hat-thing in about 3 minutes. Half dressed I removed the curlers - no time to fuss - and pinned like a made woman.

Then it was time to create chaos searching for earrings and headdress bling. Bling I knew I had....somewhere.

The skirt got bustled up for the first time just moments before I put it on using safety pins and guesswork. I'd planned to keep the hem off the ground but I'd bustled it too high and  ended up removing the last row of pins in car park at the fair and hoped the hem was fairly right. It truly was last minute,

For the final touches I added a ribbon drawstring to the reticule (I kept my lipbalm in it), ribbon to the fan so I could hang it from my wrist and a final bit of ribbon around my neck.

I almost forgot my parasol! But remembered just in time. More chaos ensued as it was dug out from the depths of the sewing room with my skirts threatening to knock over everything in sight.

A few moments later we were out the door and it wasn't even lunch time yet!

Woot! I did it.

Part of me cringed at the poor fit, the horrid fabric and many of the small details but I knew it wouldn't matter at this fair, the fair goers would love it anyway.  At least I have a pattern to tweak now.

What I regret most

Not wearing longer 'stockings' but it was such a hot day I'm glad I didn't despite a bit of knee being unexpectedly caught on camera. And not getting to see what it all looked like until after the fair because my skirt was off centre.

What I'm most proud of

I dusted on Thursday and I cleaned the bathroom on Friday and stuck to my cleaning schedule! Never before would I have decided to do my house chores with a deadline looming. And today I am so relieved those chores are done.

Stay tuned for the HSM March challenge official wrap up, photos from the fair and all that stuff.


  1. Wow... Hollywood would hire you for any theater!
    You do amazing intricate work and with deadlines!
    I need a corset at my old age to look better, but I can't make one and don't think I can buy one. I've hit the midlife crisis, lol! Can't wait to get a look at the photos of you and the fair! Sounds like it must have been fun!

    1. You are NOT old! But I can certainly relate to the midlife crisis. The festival was fun but it was also the first time in over a decade since I've gone to an event in costume - it was a bit intimidating.

  2. This looks amazing! You are so talented. Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for being a part of our party. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Easter! Lou Lou Girls

  3. Wow I wish I could sew something! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness link party :)


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