Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Guildford Heritage Festival

As predicted the 1870'\s polyester dress was costumey. I can't wait to remake it with some nice fabrics and and take the time to get the fit right. Nonetheless the dress was a huge hit at the Guildford Heritage Festival.

It was already warm when we arrived and I was very grateful I had remembered both my parasol and my fan.
1870's style bustle gown

Of course we had to investigate these horseless carriages they call automobiles. 

1910 Automobile

Vintage Austin

The lovely gentlemen from the Cycle Club convinced me to try riding their contraption specifically designed for ladies and our skirts. 

I most certainly wasn't wearing the right outfit for such a jaunt as my skirts kept trying to get caught up in the chain and it was most embarrassing that my short stockings could be seen. 


The 'newborns' and prams at LilyMae were beautiful.

Vintage Pram - Glenda Brooks

We stopped to visit Annie at Annie's Vintage Wonderland. Some lucky customer bought that lovely parasol before we got there.

Amazing goodies from Annie's Vintage Wonderland

If you're in Guildford make sure you pop in and visit Annie at her store (that's Annie in the fab red frock!)

We were parched from walking around in the heat, a drink at the Rose and Crown slacked our thirst.

Rose and Crown  the third oldest licensed hotel in Australia

After all the excitement of the festival it was lovely to take a quiet turn around the grounds at Woodbridge House.

river views of Historic Woodbridge House

Historic Woodbridge House

It was so peaceful by the Swan River after the hustle and bustle of the fair.

Swan River at Historic Woodbridge House

Pier at Historic Woodbridge House


  1. Your outfit is soooo beautiful. I am amazed how it all turned out - you have brilliant sewing skills. I was just wondering how people in the past wore them in the colonies. Singapore is sweltering hot so did they make any adjustments? Would be interesting to find out. Thank you for sharing. So lovely!

    1. Great question! I'm only just starting to figure out details for the 19thC but from what I've found so far styles were much the same for hot weather but fabrics were super fine, sheer even. 'Sports' corsets started gaining popularity because they would have gaps in between the boned sections to allow them to breathe.
      It was 31C on Sunday when I wore this and I know that if it had been a light cotton it would have been far more pleasant. My chest should have been covered with a partlet but I didn't get it made and in that heat I wouldn't have worn it anyway. Did you see my pinterest board for 19thC Australia? It's a good place to start for figuring out what they wore in the colonies. We'll have to figure out what you guys would have been wearing then.

    2. Oh, I will need to check it out. Thanks!

  2. That looks like so much fun to go to. Thanks for sharing.


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