Ruffler Foot Made Sew Easy It's Hands Free!

If you've ever used a ruffler foot you will know you need to guide your fabric carefully.

I've been making a Victorian Gown. That means lots of ruffley goodness. I have about 150 meters of ribbon I'm using on this project most of which I've been pleating using my sewing machines ruffler foot. 
Carefully guiding that much yardage through would drive me insane!

I needed a way to make it easy and fast without needing a lot of concentration.

I needed to automate guiding that ribbon through.

It's so easy and simple and effective I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier.

Night Flower

Every year our cacti flowers. Every year I miss the flowers.

This year there are more flower buds then ever before.

cacti flower buds

cacti flower bud the afternoon they will flower

I was determined to catch the flowers and not forget to go and look.

I had to keep a very keen eye on those flower buds.

Thursday I was hopeful but too early.

 Friday looked more promising, the vigil had begun.

cacti flower bud just about to open

Cacti flower opening for it's brief moments of beauty

Fully open cacti flower

By morning the flowers were spent. 

spent cacti flower approx 12 hours after opening

It was mentioned on My Sunday Shot this week (where I shared my favourite cacti shot, it was really hard to choose) that you're not supposed to use flash when photographing flowers.

Lucky for me I didn't know that. 

Today I thought I should show you why I had to use flash. 

Here's a shot without flash. 

And the same shot with maximum fill light applied. Not so special.
the short lifecycle of the cacti flower


  1. Beautiful! I've never seen a cacti flower before. I'm glad you captured it this time. Happy WW!

    1. Cati do the most amazing flowers but they don't last long enough!

  2. Beautiful pictures ! The cactus flower looks amazing !

    1. They are so pretty, I wish they lasted longer.

  3. Wow ... such beauty. Really amazing captures. Simply exquisite. I'd like to own a camera that takes these kinds of pictures, and I'd like to have the photography skills that takes these kinds of pictures. :-) Thanks for sharing. #SingleMotherAhoy Wordless Wednesday

    1. I hope you get the chance to use a DSLR one day. Thanks for your kind words and the great party.

  4. Beautiful! I love how fleeting they are - one of those don't-blink-situations.

    1. Sure is! I've seen freshly spent buds every morning this week but I haven't remembered to go out and take a look at them just before bed and I've missed them all.


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