How to Crochet Double Foundation Chain

Double Foundation Chain I first came across Double Foundation Chain in the Encyclopaedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont.

Overstuffing My To Do List
Overstuffing my to do list and taking on too much is something I have habitually done for as long …

ISO 2000 | f 6.3 | 1/2000 lens 55-250mm

Free Crochet Pattern - 6 Petal Poppy
The 26th April is ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) day. 
It's our own version of R…

ISO 160 | f 5.6 | 1/2000 lens 55-250mm

I'm OK With Hallway Clutter
Our front entrance is a hallway.

When our hallway is clear the whole front of the house feels nicer…

What Is A Good Day to Declutter?
I'd lost the Urge to Purge.
It felt like I had gotten through all the clutter that was easy to…

Great Egret
ISO 250 | f 5.6 | 1/2000 lens 55-250mm

Our Favourite Things Pinterest Pin Party 9
Welcome, Welcome all to the 9th Monthly "Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party!"

Why is it so hard to throw out?
You would think that once you've decided you don't want something any more you would just t…

How To Take Action Shots Like A Pro for the Technically Challenged
Are all your action shots blurry? Do you want to know how to capture a BIF (bird in flight)?

Is it …

The Key to Password Management
I love my dogs. They are super awesome and purfylle (embellish) my life so much and in so many way…

Duck Pile-up
ISO 640 | f 6.3 | 1/2000 lens 50-250mm

Making Bouncy Balls With The Little People
Today I'm hanging out with my favourite little people, my nieces.

Black Swan Bath

Signs of Autumn
The weather is turning and autumn is upon us.

I know this not because the calendar say's it'…

Stilt In Flight
ISO 640 | f 6.3 | 1/2000 lens 55-250mm

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