Perfect Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Learn how to create a seam free, single sided Crochet Granny square for perfect results every time.

The humble Granny Square is the crochet staple of Nanna's everywhere, which is how it came to be known as a 'Granny Square'. Originally it was just called a crochet square.

The Granny Square is often the very first thing we are taught when learning to crochet, so it would follow that it would be simple to have a perfect square every time and those new to crochet often get discouraged when this is not the case.

However, to get a perfect square actually requires a bit of experience, good fundamentals and advanced row starting techniques, otherwise you are left with seams, the reverse side of stitches showing every second row or even a slight spiral effect.

This granny square is made without turning your work and has a right and a wrong side.

Making Bouncy Balls With The Little People

Today I'm hanging out with my favourite little people, my nieces.

It's a rainy day so we're restricted to indoor activities.

We've done a bit of felt sewing, but it was put aside after the first owl eyeball was stitched.

I'm failing terribly at playing Mario games, don't ask me which ones because I haven't a clue but there was dodgeball and some crazy Mario version of tetris and lots of mini games.

Breakfast was beans on toast. For lunch it was nieces choice, sausage rolls and party pies in the oven. I was hopping I had turned all the correct dials and switches on my sister-in-law's oven to cook them properly because burnt sausage rolls do not equal awesome aunty. It was a tense moment when I opened the oven after nearly forgetting them but they were cooked perfectly so I must have chosen the right settings. *phew*

Then we tried making our own bouncy balls, how cool is that?

To make bouncy balls you need a bouncy ball making kit.

Pour the bouncy crystals into your mould of choice in fancy coloured layers.  Put the full mould into a cup or container and fill with enough tap water to cover the crystals.

Leave for 10 minutes and hey presto you have a bouncy ball. Okay, you have a wet bouncy ball that is a bit sticky and needs a little bit of time to dry.

Once it's dried a bit it's much easier to get the other half of the mould off. 

Such amazing stuff kids get these days! The girls tested all the bouncy balls they made against the two shop bought normal balls and this pink and purple one they had made themselves was deemed the best for bounce.

We cleaned up the toy table and folded the washing as a surprise for their mum and the girls were just wonderful. After all of that I decided it was time for a cup of tea.

What do yo do on wet days?


  1. these are so fun to make....BUT after a month or so they turn rock hard! Not that bouncy balls stick around that long anyway, at least in my house lol. But I found a few and they were solid as rocks...not sure if it was just this brand or if all homemade ones do that. I am determined to try again and see if there is a way to make them last longer, and HUGE ones. How fun would that be!!
    live Randomly Simple
    shared ;)

    1. Ohh, good to know! I'll be sure to check with the girls and see how they've aged. I wonder if the type of water used could make a difference to longevity? Hard water might shorten the lifespan? I hope you do make large ones! That would be really cool.

  2. We have wanted to make our own bouncy balls for a long time but never got around to it. Thanks for reminding me we need to make them. Loved that your are rainbow colored :)

    1. The girls choose all their own colours. It was a nice fast little project and they even wanted to do it again. I also made them keep track of the time which was good practice for them.

  3. Thanks for linking up on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you tomorrow!! Pinned!!

    1. Oh no! It totally missed it last week. I'll be there this week!

  4. Hello gorgeous! I love seeing your masterpieces.Thank you for bringing such great things to our party. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm.. Lou Lou Girls

  5. I didn't know you could get these! Shame my kids aren't little any more they would love these! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness link party :)

    1. I was pretty amazed myself and I had almost as much fun as my nieces did I think :o) They would always make a good novelty gift.


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