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Signs of Autumn

The weather is turning and autumn is upon us.

I know this not because the calendar say's it's autumn but because we have rain, because I'm wearing a jumper for the first time in months, because the leaves on the mulberry tree are starting to turn yellow, and most telling of all, because the Fluff Monster has come inside.

Fluff Monster on the verandah

For all of summer Fluffy's domain is the front yard and she likes to survey the world from the veranda or recline on the cool grass in the shade of the gravilleas. She revels in the cool breezes and the quiet away from that pesky youngster Ada who is always dashing around at top speed.

Once the weather cools down Sacha likes to come inside again, and there is yet another animal in doorways and laying on the floor we need to watch we don't trip over or step on accidentally. 

Fluffy makes her presence felt in a myriad of little ways. One of which is stealing my washing basket. 

Fluff Monster in the washing  basket

My washing basket is rarely empty. It usually has a load of washing in it waiting to be taken to or from the laundry, but the instant it is empty and upon the floor a cat will take up residence in it.

I had no idea that washing baskets were soooo much better then boxes but apparently they are.

Fluffy planning how much fluff to leave in the basket

Shortly that washing basket will be full of  jumpers and winter clothes and the Fluff Monster will be sure to add some extra fur to them.

Fluffy will get fluffier as her winter coat comes in and my washing days will be fraught with avoiding cat residency in the washing basket in addition to the usual washing obstacles


  1. we credit cats with having intelligence over dogs but when I look at all the places my cat prefers to sleep other than her bed, I do wonder

    1. Me too! Thanks for the laugh to end my day =D

  2. Your fluff monster looks adorable! #AnimalsTales

    1. Even for an old girl she is still adorable.

  3. What is it with cats and washing baskets - or in fact any box or basket as far as Henry is concerned ... oh and clean washing - you cant beat a pile of clean washing to sit on?! Three of our cats are outdoor cats and we can tell to quite a degree how cold the weather will be over winter by how fat they get. This year average (averagely cold winter) last year,not at all (mild winter) - the year before that totally round cats and a bitterly cold winter.

    Many thanks for linking Fluffy in with #AnimalTales and I hope your winter isn't too cold. Hang on, you're in Perth aren't you? I doubt it'll be as cold as us ;)

    1. I'm so glad our winters don't get that cold we're lucky if we get enough frost to ensure the apricot tree flowers. The shedding must be crazy come spring with the deep undercoat your cats would grow. I'll see you this afternoon over at Animal Tales.

  4. Grace says - This is tooo cute. I love these photos and cats really do sleep in some strange places! #animaltales


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