Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

A Sensation of Being Lighter

Stuff is heavy. 

Stuff crammed in here, stuff piled up there, stuff without it's own spot. It all weighs down on you. You don't even realise the weight is there until it's gone.

Keep Calm and Declutter

There's this amazing feeling that comes after a big purge of stuff.

It's a sensation of being lighter, of moving forward, of progress and having won a small private battle. Maybe not not the war but certainly the battle.

After this 'lighter' sensation I get a new urge. 

An urge to make things look nicer, cleaner, updated. Often that is because there is a new space that's been created from purging all the stuff.

Sometimes there isn't a new space and that is when I expend the energy from that 'make things nicer' urge to improve a completely different space to the one that was being decluttered.

Because I gave myself permission not to judge, not to worry about which order things get done in I can just work on whatever bit that I feel like doing, so I don't get paralysed by the 'I really should do this first' judgement.

I don't have to feel bad that it's not what should be done.

All the little things start to add up. 

They start to make a big difference. I used to think that I had to do the entire job from woe to go and if I couldn't there was no point in even starting.

It's just not true. Every little bit makes a difference and lots of little bits start to make a big difference.

Yes, it takes time. Sometimes it takes a frustratingly long time. But it makes a difference.

Then one day you go to sort out a space in your home and instead of having to declutter it you can just clean it. Suddenly you realise that you can go ahead and improve that space because there is no stuff in the way to stop you.

You can update that space with a polish or a bit of paint. And...WOW, it's actually starting to look like how you dreamed it might look one day. Okay so the space next to it isn't there yet. That's okay. It will get there. Just keep going.

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  1. Absolutely!! Isn't it wonderful that we finally discovered this secret!! Love woe to go!!
    Be sure and keep us up to date on how nice your places look now!!

    1. Don't hold your breath :o) declutter, then renovate.... yeah.

    2. Don't hold your breath :o) declutter, then renovate.... yeah.


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