Skein Passion

Luscious 'fioro' hand died merino-silk yarn skeins from The Yarn Bowl in the shades sepia rose, abalone and plum purple As Valentines day approaches sprinklings of pink hearts and cutesy romance sayings start popping up all over the place. Yarn sales are overflowing with red and pink colourways and patterns are dotted with love knots.  But I want to talk about Passion. That deep intense desire you experience when you touch that divine squishy yarn skein, you know the one I'm talking about, that skein that makes your heart sing. It's a magic colour, squishing it is like touching a cloud with the lustre of angels. The yarn of your dreams. Where were you when you had that experience the first time? In a specialty yarn store looking at the silk-alpaca blends? I'm willing to bet it wasn't, more likely it was at the discount store passing the bargain aisle and this little ball of fluff caught your eye and you sighed and squished it and wished you had the skill to turn

Crochet Spiral Beanie

crochet spiral beanie

I found this incredibly soft Cleckheaton superfine wool in black and ox blood. The colours work so well together.

I didn't have a plan for what to make with it, but this yarn was just too beautiful not to buy.

Cleckheaton superfine wool from Australian Country Spinners

I decided to try my hand at an entrelac project, which went well until I added the edge to the first square. No amount of blocking is going to result in getting this square to lay flat. My only option is to remove the edging and try again. I put my project aside and that's the stage it's been at ever since.

Tunisian crochet entrelac square

Instead of continuing with that project I decided to make a beanie from the rest of the yarn and thought I would give a spiral pattern a shot. I found this pin as inspiration and the pattern is free in all sizes (just click through to the website from the pin)

crochet beanie worked in superfine wool

I worked up the adult size pattern and it fitted hubby just perfectly. I followed the pattern for the increases and then just eye-balled the length from there. For my last four rows of the beanie I used half double crochet instead of double crochet.

Whenever I talk about using hdc hubby always comments that only crafters would be silly enough for a half a double to mean something different then a single.

beanie doubles as a yarn bowl

This beanie also makes a great yarn bowl if you turn the brim over an inch or so.

beanie doubles as a yarn bowl

Crochet beanie doubles as a yarn bowl