Ruffler Foot Made Sew Easy It's Hands Free!

If you've ever used a ruffler foot you will know you need to guide your fabric carefully.

I've been making a Victorian Gown. That means lots of ruffley goodness. I have about 150 meters of ribbon I'm using on this project most of which I've been pleating using my sewing machines ruffler foot. 
Carefully guiding that much yardage through would drive me insane!

I needed a way to make it easy and fast without needing a lot of concentration.

I needed to automate guiding that ribbon through.

It's so easy and simple and effective I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier.

Wild Wattlebird

Pee-wee and red wattlebird

Pee-wee was just minding his own business when this red wattlebird decided to make it his business. 

Pee-wee and red wattlebird

Pee-wee and red wattlebird


  1. Beautiful exotic birds - I'd love to do some birdwatching where you are!
    Thanks for sharing at

  2. I do love seeing all your different birds ... and what a cheeky wattlebird!
    Many thanks for adding beautiful Australian birds to #AnimalTales

  3. What a great interaction to have captured! I love that first shot.

    Thank you for sharing with us again for Photo Friday!

  4. Beautiful photos! They are just adorable. <3


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