Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.

Super Soft Chaos

super soft, super fluffy chaos causing top
I have this beautifully super soft top.

I love this top. It's got such a wonderful hand feel, it's flattering and makes me feel pretty.

The first time I washed this top it got fluff on all the other things that I washed it with. The first time I wore this top it got fluff on everything else I wore with it.

I kept telling myself that after a few washes the fluff would stop.

But it didn't.

Every time I wash this top it has to be washed on it's own. I have to be careful about how I store it in my wardrobe so it won't get fluff on other items.

I don't wear it very often because I have to be mindful of what I wear with it because of the fluff.

I have to be careful of soft furnishings, because it leaves fluff on them, including the car seat which never goes well the next time you're in the car.

Occasionally I would forget how bad the fluff is and wear it anyway with things I shouldn't, like black things. That never goes well.

And sometimes it sneaks into a normal load of laundry and gets washed with other stuff. This time it snuck in with a brand new, not yet worn black hoodie.

black hoodie that was washed with the super soft fluff making top

This black hoodie. It doesn't look very black does it?

So I'm getting rid of the super soft top because it just causes chaos. It causes chaos with the laundry, It causes chaos with what I wear, it causes chaos in my drawers, and it even causes chaos in the car.

Good bye super soft top. You don't purfylle my life so I'm not keeping you.

Resolve to discard anything that causes chaos in your life

My new resolve is to not keep things that cause chaos in my home, except the dogs, they can stay no matter how much chaos they cause. 


  1. Stella, but you can tell people the hoodie is a heathered top!! Don't get rid of it!! It thought you were it's forever home! Poor fluffy top, I can hear it crying... :'(
    Thanks for following me. How do I follow you? Looking.....

    1. It sheds nearly as much as my furbabies and I could almost believe it needs a 'fur-ever home'. I've had this top long enough for it to start looking tired and although I can squeeze into it still, it doesn't really fit properly anymore. It's time I let it go. Do you think I should donate it? I'm in two minds about it.

  2. Thanks for Linking up on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! I love having You!! Pinned!!

  3. awesome dude! love this and you know i have a lot of chaos i could trash! Including a shirt just like yours! who thinks to make things with this fuff giving and attracting cloth?!?!?

    1. The real question is, why did we buy it? I've got a couple more I need to dig out and ditch too.


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