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Winter Walks

We've had a cold wet weekend. This means everyone is feeling a little cooped up and we just had to get out this afternoon.

winter creek

It was great to see the winter creeks flowing. 

Geri The Wonder Dog loves the water

Geri loves the water. She jumps right in and goes for it. 

Geri The Wonder Dog loves the water

 Yes they are going in opposite directions.

Geri The Wonder Dog loves the water

 Geri is on her way back for a bit more splashing. 

Geri The Wonder Dog loves the water

Geri deviates half way down the creek bed and has to be called back. 

Freki is not the biggest fan of anything wet

 Freki on the other hand is a bit more wary of the water. He tried to cross the winter creek on the log and he doesn't deviate.  

Freki and Geri adventuring

We did make it to the other side without anyone getting any wetter then they wanted to. 


  1. So weird that it is summer here! I can feel how cold it is by looking at the photo! Looks like your dogs had so much fun in this walk. Wet fun =)

  2. You'd think all dogs would like water but I've seen the ones who don't looking very nervous around our river and streams while others romp through it. #AnimalTales

  3. OK - go on tell me - what are your average winter temperatures??
    We are just about to have a heatwave here in Normandy but I am not sure the forecast 32 degrees would be too hot for you and the dogs - Saari hates the heat mind you and we are yet to see what Harry thinks to it. I see some early morning walks happening this week.

    Many thanks for adding this post to #AnimalTales - it's lovely to have people join from so far away.

    PS - I have not forgotten to answer your question on red mite but am really behind with bloggy things - I'll tweet you when I do reply.

    1. I know all about being behind on bloggy things so I hope you will forgive my late reply also. I don't know what our winter averages are but this week we had the coldest day in 3 years hitting 0 °C. I'll swap for your beautiful 32 any day! It's not really hot here unless it's over 40 °C

  4. It took ages for Bob to go near water, now we can't get him out of it, until it comes to washing him


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