Winter Warmer Beanie Crochet Pattern For Beginners

This Winter Warmer Beanie is the perfect all rounder beanie that suits everyone.


detail: beaded Victorian bodice

I have a few collections.

Just some of my collections include, goblets, vintage costumes and my vintage sewing machines.

I've realised I can't keep all of my collections.

I've already said good buy to my old post card collection and bit by bit I've pared back on the excessive amount of gift cards I had. You've already seen me say farewell to the fancy paper bags, excess shoesfancy tins I don't love and vintage gear outside of my period of interest.

Victorian leather lace up bootsI need to choose which collections will fit in my life and my home and to let go of the rest.

I've realised I don't have to keep every last item that is in my collection. As my collections get larger and older I can pick and choose my favourite, most treasured items.

In essence I get to 'curate' my collection.

When I think of removing items from my collections as 'curating' instead of just getting rid of stuff, it feels like a good thing to do.

It feels like I'm making improvements and refinements.

It feels like I can do it after all.

Are you a collector? Do you have multiple collections?


  1. Wow I would love to collect all those beautiful images you post on FB, I try to hold on to old things that were left to me by my mother, but for the most part, I don't collect. I believe in using things or repurposing them. I'll tell you a little story, when I was young, just out of college I had amassed a big number of books, so many that it became a nuisance to move with them. I took a bunch of them and gave them to a homeless man who was out in the street selling books. It felt so good to give those books away that it sort of cured me of my collecting habit, because up till then I had collected everything. I had years and years worth of Reader's Digest. (And this is what happens when you comment after midnight and y ou are in a pensive mood.) Love those boots!!

    1. I love your story! You should comment after midnight more often :o)

  2. Stella, you CAN do it! You ARE doing it! And a great job, I might add! Love those Granny boots!!
    My books was my biggest collection, unless you count "purple things"!!

    1. I actually decluttered books can you believe it? I had to get them out of the house straight away though or they would have ended up back in my bookshelf, so no photos and blog post. Sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do, right?

  3. Those boots are pretty amazing! I also really like the idea of thinking of it as curating.

    1. Those boots are even more amazing in person. They are so narrow across the foot it's crazy. Thinking about managing my collections as curating was definitely a light bulb moment for me.


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