Ruffler Foot Made Sew Easy It's Hands Free!

If you've ever used a ruffler foot you will know you need to guide your fabric carefully.

I've been making a Victorian Gown. That means lots of ruffley goodness. I have about 150 meters of ribbon I'm using on this project most of which I've been pleating using my sewing machines ruffler foot. 
Carefully guiding that much yardage through would drive me insane!

I needed a way to make it easy and fast without needing a lot of concentration.

I needed to automate guiding that ribbon through.

It's so easy and simple and effective I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier.

Drains That Don't

I didn't do the dishes yesterday.

I had a totally legitimate excuse too. The sink isn't draining properly.

It's super frustrating when you try to drain the sink and the water starts rising in the second sink.

I have intended to use drain cleaner every day this week. My plan was to use drain cleaner in the morning so I could do the dishes in the afternoon.

The afternoon would come around and it would be time to do the dishes, I would remember I was supposed to have used the drain cleaning stuff but had totally forgotten, then I'd think 'I'll do the dishes today and I'll clean the drain tomorrow'.

Every. Single. Day.

I didn't want to muck with my routine, nor could I cook or clean with the drain out of action due to cleaning chemicals. I want that drain to have had a full day of hand-washing and water running through it after it's chemical treatment to ensure the sink is completely free of all nasty chemical stuff before any dishes or cooking get done.

And before you say anything, yes, I've tried the bi-carb and vinegar and it doesn't do the job.

So last night I decided not to do the dishes and clean the drain instead...after cooking.

I got to cooking dinner and of course I totally forgot about the drain.

This morning I woke up to a dirty kitchen. blerch

I impatiently waited for the alarm to wake hubby so I could get a start on cleaning the dishes.

Although I'd emptied the sink of dirty dishes yesterday afternoon in preparation for drain cleaning it was filled up again after dinner.

So this morning as I proceeded to empty the sink to do the dishes to have a nice clean kitchen again........and then remembered I still hadn't sorted out that horrid drain!

Why is it that the kitchen has to be overwhelmed in dirty dishes before I remember that the drain needs attention?

Well it's done now and so are the dishes.


  1. Stella, I feel ya. But the important part is you got it done! Dishes and drain! Congrats on purfylling your kitchen.

    1. Oh my gosh Melinda, you are so right! Thank you, I hadn't thought of it that way.


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