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Storage Solutions Are Not Clutter Solutions

One day I saw an old wooden ironing board on the side of the road just waiting for the rubbish man to collect it.
The magic sewing room storage solution - spool rack

Of course I couldn't resist rescuing that beauty even though it wasn't flat any more and couldn't be used for actual ironing.

I turned that old ironing board into a a giant thread spool rack and it was going to solve all of my sewing room storage problems. I would be able to hang my shears and snips, measuring tapes and sewing tools on it, as well as keep all of my beautiful threads at arms reach.

Sewing room nirvana would be achieved with this one store-everything storage solution. 

I started to fill that spool rack up and soon realised that not all of my spools of thread would fit on this board. Naturally I needed another spool rack to hold the rest of them.

Not all of my tools fitted either and so another storage solution was needed.

I discovered that dust settled on the spools of thread and I started to consider what I could use as a drape to keep the dust off. It would be less convenient having to remove a dust cover first and it would need to be removable for washing.

The rack was leant precariously against the wall just waiting to be knocked over so a stand of some sort would need to be devised.

Several, 'cat-astrophes' occurred in the mean time with rack and thread being knocked everywhere and tangled messes created because a spool of thread on a peg is the best cat toy ever.

When it came time to move house I ended up boxing the threads from the ironing board spool rack and there they remain to this day. Safe from dust. Safe from cat fur. Safe from being used as a cat toy. Harder to get at, but most importantly, clean and untangled.

The threads on the smaller spool rack were moved in situ and the rack was put in the storage room 'temporarily'. The problem was that 'temporarily' ended up being a rather long time and all the threads on it got dusty and dirty.

Storage solutions are not clutter solutions - spool rack

I ended up ditching most of those threads and moved the little rack to the shed too. 

The ironing board spool rack that was going to be the magic thread organiser of all time sat in the shed getting dustier and dustier, awaiting me to rescue it with a really good clean, and sanding, and paint-job, and some fabulous dust cover solution, and some way to hang it on a wall or stand it up without it leaning precariously against the wall to be accidentally knocked over or marking the paint on the wall. Poor neglected spool rack.

But trying to sand it around all those nails was not an appealing thought. I realised that the storage solution itself had just become clutter.

Both racks went out on the verge for hard rubbish this year and some optimistic soul has snaffled them up and taken them home.

It makes me happy to think that ironing board rack will be used and not just go to landfill, but not nearly as happy as knowing I will not be the one who has to clean it up and paint it.


  1. Good for you, Stella! Proud of you girl! 2 less things in the house! (shed)

    1. Less and less stuff right? Every item makes a difference!

  2. Not being the one to have to clean it! haha I can relate! Someone gave me a patio table Mon. I was having a party Tue, IRL!!, and groaned cuz I didnt want to clean the filthy thing, and ya have to walk thru the patio to get to the door. Then, God bless her, the lady also brought over a tablecloth! I want to kiss her!

    1. Tablecloths hey? Hmmm.....she is one smart woman!


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