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Meet Leilani a Possum in the care of Kinjarling Marsupial Rescue .  When this Snuggery was hung in her enclosure Leilani was quick to snuggle up in it and that is how these crochet hanging baskets came to be called a "Snuggery". Wildlife Snuggery Crochet Pattern

ALL The Scissors!

Recently I shared a picture of some of my cutting tools and asked you for some tips on decluttering my sewing room.

vintage scissors with mother of pearl inlay

Melinda from Purple Slob In Recovery had this sage wisdom for me:
'Ummm, if that's a pic of your scissors, then definitely you can let some of them go!' 

I have decided to respond here so you can all enjoy my unique style of madness.

"Awww comon' I NEED all of those scissors!

There's the good paper scissors for pattern cutting, and the bad ones which are general purpose, even hubby's allowed to use the general purpose scissors. (Yes, one is a pair of cheap hairdressing scissors, they're sharper then normal ones.)

cheap paper scissors and cheap hair dressing scissors (they're sharper then paper ones)
There's the three pairs of sewing shears, the super giant ones that are very purpose specific and the 2 others that should only be one pair but both do half a job each until I can afford to replace them. 

There's the embroidery scissors which yes, I need to say goodbye to at least one pair but I often have one in the sewing room and one in my TV crafting box but until I cut something I'm never sure which are the newer sharper ones. 

And then there are the snips. Snips that live next to the iron and in the yarn box and out next to the couch. 

The other 2 are pinking shears - they are a completely different tool to scissors and they both have their own pinking shape.

Do we have to mention my vintage scissors and pinking shears? 
(See above for the scissors, sorry, no photo of the vintage shears.)
How about my rotary cutter or the scalpel blades, surely they don't count? (Actually hubby has the scalpels now because he uses them more then I do, I just grab them if I need them. )

It would be like asking a woodworker to choose only one size screwdriver, or a chef to choose only one knife."

Okay. Maybe I'm not being rational...perhaps I need to give this some more thought. Melinda, I promise to try harder on this one.

I'm not starting the sewing room decluttering with my cutting implements though! 
Besides I use all of them.....a lot!


  1. Ok, outta the 3 pr sewing sheers, get rid of the worst one. Then ask for a new pair for your birthday/Christmas, since they're practically the same. Yeah, I completely understand about the embroidery scissors. BUT, go cut something right now, and {grimace} let the worst one go!!
    Oh, of course yo have to keep both pinks! They're different!
    Okay, I'm gonna give you a pass right now, but I expect the job to be completed by your birthday!
    (Don't worry, I mean just the scissors! Not the vintage- heavens no!)

    1. I can tell you as SOON as I get new sheers BOTH smaller pairs are going but until then sadly I must keep both, because they quite literally do half a job each. One works at the tips but keeps jamming along the length and the other is opposite so I use one on the long straights and the other on the fiddly armscyes and such. ;p I tried to use just the big ones but they are no good for lighter fabrics.

  2. well sounds like you have snips and cutters in multiple rooms - ditch one pair in each room - that will reduce your count by three.
    and since hubby has the rotary, it doesn't count.

    1. That's a really good idea! But what do I do with them? Can I put them in the rubbish?

  3. Pretty scissors! I understand you try to declutter but if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't be able to let go of any (except maybe one of the big generic ones that hubby uses too). :)

    1. I know right?!!! Scissors are special. I'll probably switch out a few and pair down on embroidery and scissors and snips.


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