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Turkish Coffee Grinder

Coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. 

I love my coffee. It's a vital part of my day. I am a total coffee addict. I freely admit it.

I don't function nearly as well unless I start my day with the coffee ritual.

Many years ago I cut my coffee intake back to before noon only. Then I cut it back further to only one hot coffee in the morning and an iced coffee for morning tea.

Now I only have my one coffee most days. Not all days. Sometimes I will have a second cup.

I will have a second coffee if I'm out somewhere special. I will have a second coffee as a weekend treat. Or on days like today, I will have a second coffee if I didn't get enough sleep.

Coffee must have a full rich flavour and not be burnt or bitter.

I have watched businesses dominate or die on the quality of their coffee alone. I will go out of my way for a nice cup of coffee, and it doesn't matter how good all the rest of your stuff is, if your coffee is bad I won't be back.

I think I could ramble on and on about coffee, it has a full history all of it's own. Coffee has a host of experts that specialise in growing, in roasting, in brewing, in blending and in pouring. These skills have developed until coffee making has become an art form in it's own right.

There are those that would argue one way is better then another with more fervour then they would religion or politics.

If you suggest I try decaf please forgive the involuntary look of disgust that plays across my face. I don't mean to be rude, it just happens, I can't help it.

In different parts of Australia not all coffee is equal.

In Brisbane one must order cappuccino to get a good cup. In Melbourne it is best to order a latte and in Perth a flat white. Why this is, is indeed a mystery, but true none-the-less; at least during the years I've spent in those various cities.

At home we use a plunger aka French press, we have ground our own beans although we don't any more as bean suppliers are more scarce then they used to be in our local area. The beans we get now are pre-ground. We have even used a humidor for bean storage.

Coffee is one of life's great pleasures in my book. It's one of those little things that purfylle every day.

I like my coffee with full cream milk and two sugars. How do you drink yours?


  1. I like my coffee with 2% milk. I have my coffee in a 36 oz. mug.

    1. Is 2% milk a milk type or the amount of milk? I've never heard someone describe their coffee that way and I'm intrigued!

    2. 2% milk means that some of the milk fat has been removed. "Whole" milk straight from the cow is usually about 4% fat if I recall correctly. We can also purchase 2%, 1%, or skim (nonfat) here in the U.S. Love your blog - just started reading today! :)

    3. Thanks for clearing that up. It's so funny the different types of milk you can get everywhere. PS: You just made my day =D

  2. I was drawn here just by the word coffee!

  3. I am less a coffee person than I am a tea one, but when I do enjoy a coffee, it has to be a latte that has been pimped up and embellished with extra flavours, my favourite being hazelnut flavour.
    I used to hate coffee when I was a teen and young adult in Switzerland, because cafe and even people at home prefer a strong espresso shot with a special kind of cream added, which we call "coffee cream" and is a bit sour. The damn thing is so popular that most stores will sell it in individual serving cups with designs printed on the tin foil lid (there are huge collectors of coffee cream lids).

    I used to be in heaven while in London whenever I chose to get away for the weekend because they have latte there. Now I live in India where latte and cappuccinos are everywhere, those are my type of coffees :-)

    1. I didn't like coffee as a teen either, it was this awful powdered stuff that I'd describe more as 'coffee coloured bitter mostly tasteless hot drink' not at all like the real thing. I don't think I'd like the bitter cream espresso either. A good cap' or latte all the way for me please. I do love a good cup of tea too, currently I'm on an English Breakfast Tea binge.

    2. My current tea obsession is Earl Grey and coconut green tea. But come Winter and it's hot beverage round the clock, and I spend my evenings drinking fruit infusions...just a few more weeks before we finally see some cooler days over here!

    3. I used to love Earl Grey, but lately not so much. I really like a good cup of green tea with a bit of jasmine, it can even be a good coffee substitute. I am going to have to hunt down this coconut green tea! It sounds yum.

  4. I drink greek/turkish coffee in a double mug with milk and a pinch of suger. As for the above comment 2% has to do with the fat content (low fat) 3.5% is considered full fat.

  5. I only drink one coffee a day at home with my breakfast. I only like instant Maxwell House coffee. One level teaspoon with one package of sweetener and half a cup of 2% milk. I have a Tim Hortons coffee mug that my Mom gave to me which I use everyday. I am a creature of habit and it for some reason I can't have my morning coffee, my whole day is thrown off kilter. The thought of decafe also makes my face do involuntary things but I did accidentally pick up a jar of it and had it half gone before I realized that I had the wrong coffee. Yes I am weird.


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